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images.jpegThis evening I saw a movie called "Melody" on Cable TV. This was the first movie I went to see with my friend, not with my family member, when I was in junior high. I went to a movie theater in Sannomiya, Kobe. I remember I enjoyed it, but I guess I just followed the story, and could not "taste" it in that age.
It was 1971 film! The music was by The Bee Gees and Crosby. Stills. Nash and Young. The sound is like a breeze, you know. Mark Lester, Tracy Hyde, and Jack Wild, and all other young actors are very fresh and lively. And all the grown-ups are depicted as foolish and snobbish. The picture mood is soft and warm. After more than 30 years, I found it very favorable. Especially, Mark Lester is so-ooo cute!

The Bridegroom

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My daughter's husband is an associate professor of agricultural economy. He is 41 years old now, so the difference between his age and my age is smaller than that of his and his wife's. I wonder why he has chosen my daughter for his partner after a long period of his happy single life. He looks young as his age, drives an imported car, and gets much attention of (especially girls) students in the department of agriculture. I once asked him this question directly. He answered then, that he felt at ease with my daughter and the difference of the ages was not a matter at all. I understand why daughter fell in love with him because I came to like him immediately after I saw him. He is a polite, kind man. Moreover, he is intellectual. Perhaps he loves her intellect, too.
I stayed 2 days with them and it seemed they were very loving and caring each other. However I sometimes felt uneasy during the stay. Daughter is sometimes in a bad mood especially when she is tired. In the morning when she is sleepy she becomes sulky. Then he, not I, tries to cheer her up and encourage her to do her duty. He is a born educator! I am very grateful to him.
Indeed she is childish. However, she, at least, manages to do with people outside, and does it very well with her new relatives. When I was at her age, I might be much more sulky in the morning, so it could be inheritance. Sorry for the newly wed bridegroom!

A Busy Weekend

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I went to Tottori in Friday evening. Unfortunately, I could stay at my daughter and her husband's house for only 2 nights. In Sunday morning, I left Tottori. My mother was suddenly hospitalized of infection of the throat. She caught a cold and the virus invaded into the depth of the throat. Her throat ached and she could not eat. She was getting better by intravenous feeding when I saw her in Sunday afternoon. Rather, I am afraid my father was depressed a bit. He is always very caring to mother. So I went to their house and stayed with father overnight.
On Monday, I cleaned the rooms, washed the clothes, went to the market, cooked and refrigerated side dishes. I ate lunch with father and after that, I went to another hospital to see my brother. I told him mother was all right. I came home in the evening at last.
Today is Tuesday, and mother left the hospital and returned to the house. It was a very busy, moreover, cold weekend for me. She could recover soon this time. However, as she is 80 and father is 85, and brother is in the hospital now, I must think about parents seriously....

To Tottori

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Tomorrow evening I will go to Tottori by bus. My daughter and her newly-wed husband invited me. They are going to have their wedding ceremony in May 24 though they have already gotten married and live together. These days, rental shops are eager to lend wedding dress and others for the couples to take pictures before the ceremony. They usually call it "pre-photo taking." As I will not attend the ceremony in May, my daughter and her husband asked me to come so that I can see them in their wedding-garment. Of course I want to see them, especially my daughter in her shiromuku, pure white kimono.
I will stay at their house for two or three days. My daughter's husband must be a very kind guy, or perhaps, he is much afraid of his wife!

A Paper for ADLERIAN

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I made a presentation at the International Congress of Individual Psychology in Vilnius, Lithuania last summer. The editor of "The ADLERIAN" asked me to write an article based on the presentation, so I have been preparing these days. It deals with a counseling process in self-help groups in Japan. It contains many figures (graphs) and tables. It takes much time to edit these Excel files into files suitable for print. I should change the figures into pdf (Portable Document Format) files, and should attach the original data for each Excel files. I used Power Points for the presentation, but those slides are not clear when changed into picture files. It is very tiresome and complicated work for me, but I realized if I do not do these things, somebody should do. It is my duty to do as much as I can.
The deadline for sending article to the editor is today. I could not go to bed till 3 a.m. this morning. I am glad to tell you that it is almost over now.

Spring of Life

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poster.jpgThis is an advertisement poster my son made for the movie club. Pop culture!
Last night my son came to my house. He lives in Kobe with his father (my ex-husband) and comes to see me about once a month. He is a sophomore of University of Education and is studying to be a teacher of the art. He is busy with playing with friends, with movie club and music circle activities, with a part-time job, and the driving school. I made him curry. I fried lightly chicken, onion, taro (satoimo) and bamboo shoot and added water and curry powder. It is my special curry and tastes very good. We talked a lot and he ate up the whole pot.
After supper, he had a call. He took his handy-phone and ... he went out of my house! Yes, I guess it was from his girl-friend. Can you imagine how long he was out chatting? More than one hour! Spring has come on him, too. However, I did not say anything to him when he returned. It is important to keep our friendship.

Pont au Courage in April

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Today I went to a self-help group in Kobe. The name of the group is Pont au Courage, which means a Bridge to the Courage. My friends and I started the group based on Adlerian Psychology in 2001 and we have kept gathering once a month for more than 7 years. The meeting place we are gathering now is located in Higashi-Nada in Kobe. The room is very spacious with good furniture and a lot of sunlight. One of our members kindly takes care of the meeting, so we can share the comfortable time and space.
Today we had six members including me. We discussed a lot and read Passage textbook together as usual and often made big laugh. We also discussed about a plan on Jolanta in November. Jolanta is a Latvian psychotherapist who will come to visit Japan this autumn. We are going to invite her to our group. We discussed on what we would ask her to do and what we could do for her. I am very glad our members are eager to see her and very cooperative to prepare.

On the Boat

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I belonged to the photo club when young and I like taking pictures. I have Nikon F80 and I brought her to Taiwan and Europe with me. She is my treasure. However, it is inconvenient to take pictures by a heavy, manual camera. So these days I usually take pictures by a digital camera.

biwako2.JPGThese are pictures I took at Lake Biwa. When I was in silence, I felt the landscape had been changing. I am sure you also have such moments.... Suddenly, trees appear from the background, emerging vividly like 3D pictures. Every tree, every leaf of the tree, and every sound in the world become so clear that I feel it is going to speak. In such moments, I take pictures.
I wrote about a movie yesterday, which was highly critical to the society. Yes, there are many things we have to solve. But, still, the sun rises from east and the seasons flow by. The world is as it is. We can be aware of it when we are still.


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Today I had a lot of things to do on PC. I started working in the morning. I opened many windows on PC, so it worked very slowly. It was so dull and irritating that I turned on Cable TV. There I found a movie by Michael Moore. I worked on PC and watched the movie both. As you know, I am not Shotoku-taishi, so at last I gave up my work.
I do not like Michael Moore's way of making films. He constructs his movie with interviews and news films, but his movie is absolutely a fiction. He has conclusion at first and every interview and proof flows down to it. Anyway, I agree to what he is saying. The movie I saw this morning was "Sicko." It deals with American health care system. In the US, there is no universal health care and for people who can not pay companies' insurance, it is very difficult to receive medical services. Moreover, though you are luckily carrying insurance and claim for the medical care, the insurance company would not pay you. Almost never! Insurance companies, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and government are all one chasing their profit. They just neglect or throw away the weak and the poor. There is no idea of cooperation.... It is a shame.
And, I have not finished what I should do today. Too bad.

For New Research

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For the Japanese Congress of Adlerian Psychology in October, I am going to do some research. It will not be a big presentation as I did in Nagahama in 2007. The theme of my study will be on dialogue between leaders and members in the Passage program. To analyze the dialogue, first, I should gather data from the actual sessions. So I will ask leaders and members if they do not mind in recording their sessions.
Again! In 2007, I asked leaders and members of self-help groups the same thing. Since then, thanks for researchers studying on actual sessions and interviews, people have got used to be studied and analyzed. Yes, Adlerians like to cooperate and contribute! But it is natural people are reluctant to be studied and analyzed. Our study should be based on what actually happened in the real sessions, so gathering data is the first step. It is a must.
I believe this new research will be fun, but this first step is always a hard task.

Beauty Radiated

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I met my friend the other day. She has been in trouble in her workplace. Though she was very much confused and suffered a lot, I felt she was very beautiful. It astonished me. She is a young and attractive girl, but her beauty did not come from her appearance. Her beauty was radiating from her center.
On the contrary, I sometimes see ugly people though they are laughing and smiling. They pretend they are happy, but we feel sadness back of their smile. The more they laugh the more they look miserable.
The beauty of men does not depend on their present situation, nor on their appearance. Perhaps it depends on whether their heart is centered or not.

A Dream of My Brother

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This morning I saw my brother in my dream. He is in a hospital and I visit him, but he is not in his room. I find him in the corridor. He looks fine. Nurses distribute medicine to patients in a hall and my brother and I go to get his pills. There, I see my Adlerian friend working as a medical staff. It was a strange dream as dreams always be.
My brother, who is two years older than I, has been in the hospital since January. He is suffering from cancer of the blood. He has been receiving chemotherapy but I am afraid the result is not very good.
Though I often think of him, it is my first time to see him in my dream since January. I guess I should go and see him soon.

Why Red Bird?

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redbird.jpgI was in Vietnam in the life last time or in the life before the last. I was a waitress in a tea-room attached to a hotel. The tea-room was an open cafe-terrace sticking out into a pond. I always wore red ao dai and another girl wore yellow, so people called me "red bird."
There was an old Japanese man and I often served him tea. He was wearing white linen suit. His hair was almost white. We became good friends and he told me many stories about Japan. Moreover, he taught me about gods and buddhas I had never known. He was my guru and Japan became a dream country to me. But I, a poor young girl, could not leave the job there. I really wanted to go to Japan and learn many things, which I could never learn in Vietnam.
When he left from the port, I saw him off weeping. I decided to go to Japan in the next life.
It is god's grace that I was born in Japan this time. In this life I am determined to meet that old man again and be his desciple. I believe I have found him already.

A Day on the Lake

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biwako.jpgToday I went to the Lake of Biwa with Jalsha. He kindly invited me to his boat! It was a beautiful day and cherry blossoms were full bloom now. I heard many birds singing, and the leaves were whispering.
Jalsha enjoyed fishing though he could not find one. I enjoyed doing nothing on the boat floating on the lake. The water was gleaming and the blossoms were decorating the shore like a long pink ribbon.

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