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About My Brother

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I went to my brother's house today. He left the hospital on August 5 after the hospitalization of more than six months. His disease is not a kind of curable one, and he continues the medical treatment at home. He lives in Higashinada, Kobe, with his wife and two daughters. I use the same station every month to go to Pont au Courage, but it has been a long time since I last walked along the streets from the station to my brother's house.

On the day of the Great Hanshin Earthquake, the first floor of the apartment house where my family lived was crashed. We, my ex-husband, eight years old daughter, four years old son and I, escaped from the building and took refuge to the nearby school. My brother worried about our safety and searched out us in the midst of the crowd and confusion, and took us to his house on the very day. His apartment house was safe and the electricity was available from that evening. We lived there together for three days. On the fourth day, we decided to leave Kobe, and we all walked for ten kilometers to the nearest station, where we could take trains to the non-stricken areas. At that time, there was no supply of water, gas, and public transportation in Kobe. The main roads were jammed so much that only our feet were reliable. From the station we went to seek refuge to each of our relatives' houses. After four months, my family returned to Kobe and rented an apartment house near both our old house and my brother's house. We lived there for three years while waiting for the reconstruction of our apartment house.

The streets to my brother's house were very familiar to me because they were along my house we rented in those days. I found the same vegetable shop, bakery, and tofu shop as before. Those shops were too crashed by the earthquake, and everybody was struggling for rebuilding life then. The sun was hot, but the wind was cool, and the shadows on the half side of the road were very dark this morning.
My brother looked fine. He became bald once by the chemical treatment, but short hair was growing now. He made it a habit to go for a walk every morning with his wife to strengthen his feet. While staying in the bioclean room he lost the weight, but he had gained four kilograms since the discharge. He said he wanted to go to work in September or October, twice a week, going by taxi, in the beginning. I think it gives meaning of life to him so I have decided to encourage him to work. I gave him a present, a necktie to wear when he will return his workplace. He seemed to be very glad...his wife and Mother do not want him to work because they are so much afraid of the recurrence of the disease. I believe my role is to show him a hope and encourage him to go toward it.

Election Day

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It is a general election day. As I moved to Osaka last autumn, this is my first vote in the new town. The polling place was a nearby Junior High School where I did not know. My daughter had married and moved her family register this spring, so for her also, this is the first vote in her new town. And for my son, as he got the voting right four weeks ago, this is his first vote. I do not know for whom they vote, but I hope they execute their rights.
I am watching TV news now, and the Liberal Democratic Party lost many seats just like people have predicted. The Democratic Party won the battle completely. I know very little about political matter, but I am doubting if this flow is the better way for Japan.

Molecular Biology

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fukuoka1.jpgIt is very rare that I read books about any kind of science, but Dr. Shinichi Fukuoka's books are interesting enough. He is producing new books rapidly in these years.
Dr. Fukuoka is a scientist who graduated from Kyoto University and Harvard University Medical Department, whose specialty is molecular biology. I have read his books in Kodansha Modern New Book series. The first book I read, published in 2007, was so exciting that I could not stop reading. It dealt with a big question what "life" was. The second book I read was published this July and has already become the best seller. My daughter and her husband recommended it to me. This book is dealing with the "whole" and the "parts" of the world.
fukuoka2.jpgFrom these words, you may sense some similarity to Adlerian Psychology. Yes, I think his ideas can be expressed in other words as holism, social embeddedness, and fictionalism. At least, he is definitely a structuralist. In addition, he is a good storyteller. Although he is talking on scientific matters, his books always inspire me in a philosophical sense and in a literary sense. This is the reason I like his books. Even I, who do not have a scientific mind, can enjoy his books fully.
His newest book in hard cover is DYNAMIC EQUILIBRIUM and it is surely interesting.... I am thinking of buying it now or waiting till it becomes the new book size edition.


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In the morning meditation, I chant some sutras and mantras in Sanskrit and in Tibetan as well as in Chinese. Let me introduce my rituals.
First, I chant a sutra of Kai-kyo-ge, opening prayer. Next, I chant Sange-mon, asking for permission to learn. Then, Seigan, Four Vows to be a Bodhisattva. After reading these famous Buddhism sutras through classical Chinese, I make it a custom to read one or two pages of Osho Rajneesh's book in English. Now I have almost finished reading his THE WHITE LOTUS. This is my routine way. From this point, it depends on the situation of the morning. When I do not have time to meditate on the verses I have read, I omit the meditation and chant the closing mantras of Sanskrit and Tibetan.
Closing mantras are thus: First, mantra for Akasagarbha, Kokuzo-bosatsu, a Bodhisattva of boundless wisdom. Next, mantra for Samantabhadra, Fugen-bosatsu, a Bodhisattva of the universal worthy associated with Buddhist practice and meditation. Then, mantra for Padmasambhava (Guru Rinpoche), who is said to be born from lotus in the 8th century. Then, mantra for Bhaisajyaguru, Yakushi-nyorai, a Buddha of healing and medicine. Finally, mantra for Vairocana, Dainichi-nyorai, a Buddha who is the embodiment of Dharmakaya.
Some of these mantras contain "om" sound and as I learned how to pronounce it in Sanskrit the other day, I tried to pronounce it correctly this morning. It is not like "om" but rather "aum", according to the Internet Sanskrit lessons. Alas, this sound did have power! As soon as I pronounced "aum," my tongue stopped and I could not continue the mantra. The sound made a resonance in my head and my mind became vacant and settled. It was a very mystic experience.

om.jpgThe meaning of "om" is as such:
Before the beginning, the Brahman (absolute reality) was one and non-dual. It thought, "I am only one -- may I become many." This caused a vibration which eventually became sound, and this sound was Om. Creation itself was set in motion by the vibration of Om. The closest approach to Brahman is that first sound, Om. Thus, this sacred symbol has become emblematic of Brahman just as images are emblematic of material objects.

Frozen Shoulder

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Recently I am suffering from a frozen shoulder. The pain is located over the right shoulder and the right upper arm. The motion of the right arm is restricted and it is sometimes hard to raise it and put it round to the back. This morning my middle finger of right hand was so stiff and numb that I could hardly use a fork and support a teacup. I set up some small poultice on the shoulder secretly, and fortunately it healed soon. However, my pain in the shoulder is persistent. This evening I grasped a handrail bar on the bus lest I lost balance while standing, and it caused my arm ache quite for a while. I searched for the Internet about the frozen shoulders, and it is said: "Frozen shoulder will generally get better on its own. However, this takes some time, occasionally up to two to three years. Treatment is aimed at pain control and restoring motion." Two or three years! It sounds very long. So I shall do some exercises like this.

exercises.jpgPerhaps I should restart training of Yoga, though unfortunately, I have no time to take lesson now.

A Notebook in a Dream

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I had a strange dream this morning.
I was staying in a house where people lived together. All morning I worked cleaning the house. When I went to my room near noon, I found an unfamiliar notebook on my bed. It was a notebook witten by a foreign woman I knew. She wrote phrases in Japanese telling that "The most important thing is where to.... Where does your flow go.... Do not forget it." She must have learned Japanese in order to convey this important words to me. I started weeping, feeling gratitude and love. She also wrote that "If you have chance, come and see me in F.... (an Italian city name)." And there was a rough sketch of a cape facing the sea on the last page of the notebook. Then I noticed for the first time a young woman was sitting beside me. I asked her how she could enter this room. She only shrugged her shoulders. So I knew that she had placed the notebook on my pillow and waited for me all this morning. I felt grateful to all this happening and wept a lot. The young woman asked me for a cup of tea, and....

Then I woke up and found it was a dream. The first thing I thought was of Shunyo. Ma Prem Shunyo is a British woman who had been working for Osho Rajneesh for years, and an author of "Diamond Days With Osho."

shunyo.jpgI met her in 2004 and in 2006 twice. She said she was going to live in Italy when I last saw her. Somehow, I felt that the notebook was a message from Shunyo. One more thing I noticed was that the young woman was not a human being, but a spirit who brought me word in a supernatural way. Well, what does it all mean? The most important thing is where the flow goes...? Perhaps I had better read Shunyo's book again. Or, the notebook is a kind of prophecy, a book full of mystic messages. This time all I remembered was the last page, but maybe I can open the notebook again in meditation or in dreams. And I shall read the other pages to receive the oracle, and will know what to do.

Son and His Friends

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nora.JPGLast night I went to my son's live concert to Kobe with my daughter. He and his girlfriend appeared first in a duo called "Nora." She played keyboard and sang songs, and he played an acoustic guitar. She started singing an old jazz song "Cheek to Cheek" and I was surprised by her beautiful clear voice. Her pitch was reliable and I thought she was surely a good vocalist. My son attached a pickup microphone to his Martin, and thanks to the man in the guitar shop, the sound was superb.
More musicians appeared, and one of them has been my son's best old friend since their elementary school days. He played computer music for 25 minutes alone! He looked very much like a computer geek. Many of the audiences were not interested in that kind of music, but I was enjoying it very much. He was using many interesting sounds; for example, Morse code sounds, static electricity sounds with a plug in his hand, and human voices of TV news, etc. He might be an Auditory type person because his music had a story and contained some messages. No Sensory-motor type boy of 20 years old can compose music of that length.
My son, who is surely a Sensory-motor type, appeared with his girlfriend and the Auditory friend again at the last of the concert. Their band name was "Walking Man." This time my son was in charge of vocalist and acoustic guitar. His girlfriend of keyboard, and the Auditory friend of electic guitar base. One who played drums was one of my son's old friends, too. They made friends when they were studying in a private school, Z-kai, preparing for the entrance examination for Senior High. So, a friend from elementary school, a friend from junior high school, and a friend from university, played music together one night.

walkingman.JPGIt was very good to see young people doing things enthusiastically. Moreover, it was a very happy scene for me to see my son enjoying music among all his good friends. They played original songs my son made. As a matter of fact, my ex-husband played guitar very well, but I think that my son has caught up with his father fairly further. My ears might be blurred with love, but I think the musical sense of his and his friends is ripe and quite mature to appreciation.

Learn or Rest

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Every summer since I got the license of Adlerian Counselor, I had kept on attending the Counselors Training Course in Adler Guild. I had learned many things, studying side by side with the future counselors and watching their practices. Every year I felt the inferiority feelings when I saw them in the training. In fact, I was afraid of finding things which I had not yet attained. It is illogical! Along with learning, perhaps I could do something to encourage them. The Training Course continues for two weeks in eight days, so I could attend one or two days usually during the season. While I was a housewife, I could attend both weekdays and weekends if my family cooperated. But now I am busy on weekdays, and especially this year I am very busy on weekends too. So this year, I gave up going and decided to take some rest.
I was putting away Dr. Noda's clinical reports all through this weekend. This evening my daughter will come and stay. Have I taken rest? Not yet!

Sanskrit Lesson

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I have found an interesting Sanskrit lesson program on You Tube. I have been interested in Sanskrit because I like to sing some mantras. Sanskrit is a historical Indo-Aryan language, one of the languages of Hinduism and Buddhism which were used in ceremonies. Today, it continues to be used in Hindu religious rituals in the forms of hymns and mantras.
SanskritVowel.gifFor me the characters of Sanskrit is visually fascinating, but they were too picturesque to learn reading. However, "Learn to read Sanskrit: the fun and easy way" is very good to learn the characters and their pronunciations. It teaches how to read Sanskrit of some chakras and some easy mantras. It is impressive to see the mantras in Sanskirt characters, such as "Hari Om Tat Sat" "Om Ram Ramaya Svaha." I saw all six lessons and am very much satisfied.

Counseling Training

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One of my friends came to Osaka to attend the Counselors Training Course in Adler Guild yesterday and stayed a night in my house. We have been friends since we were both in the Passage Leaders Training Course in 2000. It has been long time since we talked by ourselves. We talked much mostly on Adlerian Psychology, and discussed the cases on and on till midnight.
She is an excellent Auditory type person and very good at making "scenarios" of counseling. Our teacher always recommends me writing scenarios to develop counseling skill, but I am afraid I rarely practice it. As I am a Visual type person, I am weak at tracing the logic. Last night I noticed that my friend seemed to very much enjoy thinking of the scenarios. On the other hand, I had thought it a duty but not fun. But now I kow it should not be taken seriously even though a scenario was written perfectly, because it is only one of the possibilities of the counseling plot. When the actual counseling does not go in accord with it, we need not be bound to it, all we should do is to make adjustments. The important thing is to PRACTICE it without using inferiority complex! I think what I can do as a Visual type is to pile up the scenes one by one. It is a long way, but I can collect my successes, put them away properly in the drawers of my mind, put appropriate labels on them, and use them when needed.
Thanks to her, her attitude to Adlerian Psychology taught me one important thing. Enjoy! Enjoy the logic of Adlerian counseling. Moreover, no one is the same. I will be myself, and will find my way of developing skill.

Adlerian Lexicon


lexicon.jpgSome of the members of the self-help group in Kobe, Pont au Courage, want English lexicon of Adlerian Psychology. I know two resources for that. One is a booklet named AN ADLERIAN LEXICON, which is for the learners of Individual Psychology published in Chicago, 1984. Dr. Noda possesses one copy and it is out of print now. I was able to borrow this precious booklet and read through it before I went to NASAP three years ago. This is a very special book, with clear definitions for the terms of Adlerian Psychology, including a lot of quotations from Alfred Adler. I learned almost all knowledge of psychology in English from this book.

AN ADLERIAN LEXICON: Fifty-nine terms Associated with the Individual Psychology of Alfred Adler, by Jane Griffith & Robert L. Powers, The Americas Institute of Adlerin Studies. Ltd., Chicago, 1984.

Another book is ADLERIAN TERMINOLOGY for students of Alfred Adler Institute of Chicago. This is also a good book, convenient to examine Adlerian terms, as it is written in alphabetical order.

terminology.jpgA Student's Glossary of ADLERIAN TERMINOLOGY, Second Edition, by T.B.Beames, M.Ed., M.A.,Photon Communications, 1992.

These are invaluable documents because Alfred Adler Institute of Chicago is no more. Between the two, I prefer the former. I think the definitions are superb in the Lexicon.

The other day I asked Dr. Noda to borrow the book again for a short time. As it is forbidden to be copied or reproduced without written permission, I input the sentences by hand into my PC. I want to make a small book, or a pamphlet, of English vocabularies for learners of Adlerian Psychology. I want to include key words at least we learn in the Basic Course. I also want to include key words in conversations when we depict our cases in the self-help groups. Maybe my ambition is too great. If I run after two hares, I will catch neither. I am thinking of what is the best way to contribute for the learners, using this resources, and the things what I can.

Mosquitoes in a Cemetery

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I went to my family's cemetery yesterday. In my opinion, we should wear decent clothes when we see our relatives, even if they were under the tombstone, so I was wearing a white no-sleeves shirt and a summer skirt. It was very hot and there are many mosquitoes in the cemetery. I poured water on the tomb and washed the stone, and swept the dead leaves and spider's net. I brought a parasol, but while cleaning, I did not use it. After I cleaned the tomb, we read the Heart Sutra, setting fire to the incense. While reading the Sutra, the sun shone on us mercilessly and some mosquitoes were flying in front of me.... After leaving the cemetery, I found out that I had been bitten much; one at my thumb of the left hand, one at my forefinger of the right hand, and three at my right elbow. I feel so itchy now! I do not think the dead wanted my blood.... It might be the mosquitoes that were starving to death!

The Lord of the Rings

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gandalf2.jpgI had watched THE LORD OF THE RINGS DVDs during the holidays. I saw all six DVDs containing "The Fellowship of the Ring" "The Two Towers" and "The Return of the King." I had seen all in the theater, but this time I read English captions and listened to the speeches simultaneously, so I could understand English better.
As I had graduated from English Literature Department, I read many books in English, and "The Lord of the Rings" was the longest story I could finish reading in English. The reason I chose this story, I do not remember. Perhaps I was just fascinated by the sound of the title. It was very difficult to read it in English, for, as you know, it is a complicated story with profound descriptions of characters. Moreover, one character has many names; for example, Aragorn, the heir of Isidor, the king of Gondor, was first called as Strider. Gandalf was later called as Mithrandir. And the elves' names! They are too much with "e"s and "l"s for me to remember! Long time has passed since I read the book. Now I have no guts to read such a long story even in Japanese.
aralgon.jpgI was very excited to see the movies based on my unforgettable story some years ago. The scenes on the flim sometimes betray my imagination and sometimes coincide. I totally agreed with the atmosphere and the landscape, but one thing I could not tolerate was about the characters. In my imagination, they were much more tidy. How come Aragorn, or Gimli too, shook their long hair so loose when they fought! However, I was absorbed into the story, naturally, and I became their supporter. I enjoyed the archaic manner of speaking of Lords and Kings. Especially, the elf witch, Galadriel, The Lady of Lórien, spoke the most beautiful English I ever heard. It is worth hearing!

A Brag on Son-In-Law

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My daughter and her husband came back from Kagawa last night, and stayed at her father's house in Kobe. Today they dropped in at my parents' (their grandparents) house before they left for Tottori. So I went to visit my parents' house at the same time with them. We gathered at around one o'clock and saw the newly-wed couple off at four o'clock. So, the old couple, the young couple and I had a pleasant time chatting for three hours. I think the young ones are very kind of visiting the old ones.
My daughter's husband, my son-in-law, is a very good, decent man. He listens carefully to the other people's talk. He never interrupts. When he is asked something, he stops to think, and answers quietly. He speaks soft, not a bit aggressive. As my mother, my daughter and I are rather hasty in speaking, I am always fond of his manner of speech. I guess it is his strength which he has been using in the lectures and in the field works.
I had bought a can of salmon for him at Hakodate and gave it to them. E-mail has come from daughter some minutes ago. It said, "We arrived home. We opened the can you gave and tasted, and it was so delicious. He likes it!" I am glad I could choose a good souvenir for him.

Brown Rice

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There is a young colleague in the clinic in Nishinomiya, who is very interested in healthy food. She does not eat any dairy product nor sugar. Once I told her that I often cooked brown rice, genmai, at home, she recommended me the germinated brown rice, hatsuga genmai, and gave me one cup to try. I enjoyed it and afterward, I bought FANCL's germinated brown rice. It tasted very good, softer than brown rice and also had its flavor. The one thing unfortunate was that germinated brown rice was very expensive.
Some of the Internet site told me that we could germinate brown rice at home and make hatsuga genmai easily. So, I tried to challenge it today!
I soaked one cup of brown rice in water last night and had kept it all day. This evening, it seemed to me that it had become somewhat softer and whiter than the former brown rice, though I could not recognize any sprout. My rice cooker has the guide lines for white rice, brown rice, and germinated brown rice. Although I was not sure it was shooting or not, I poured water up to the line for germinated brown rice. As a result..., today's rice was very, very hard. Perhaps it had not yet germinated enough. I am very sorry for the invisible ancestor, but I could not eat it up.

A Summer Holiday

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This morning I woke up at dawn. Perhaps it was somewhat cool and I could sleep well during night. When I got up, I saw a patch of dark blue sky. The clouds were floating with golden hemming, and the morning sun was rising from beyond the Ikoma Mountains. The sun rays were strikingly strong and the shades of clouds were changing rapidly. It was a beautiful summer morning, everything was tinted by blue.
I am in the Bon vacation from today, and I do not have to work till Monday. As it was hot but not humid, I decided to study over Adlerian Psychology. How good a student I am! Does anybody tell me what is the best way to learn after we took notes at lectures and workshops? I made it a habit to summarize them in an exclusive notebook. As my handwriting in notes and memos cannot be decoded even myself, I have to rewrite them. However, perhaps because my speed in writing and my speed in thinking are matching adequately, this method is good at least for me to survey and organize what I had learned.
While I am entangled with something, I sometimes postpone, and even omit my dinner. I am fond of cooking and preparing for others, but cooking only for me often seems to be a loss of time. For a remedy, my teacher has recommended to have dinner with my imaginable ancestors during the Bon period. It can be a good idea which keeps my health. So, this evening I tried to prepare dinner for two, an invisible ancestor and me, and pretend to serve and dine with him/her. Thanks to this fantastic alternative, I can eat meals regularly.
Anyway, it is a fairly good start for summer holidays. I hope I can continue it from tommorow in the similar way as today.

Earth Is My Home

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About fifteen years ago, before the Great Hanshin Earthquake, I accidentally knew a singer, Susan Osborn. Perhaps you may know her, as she had come to Japan many times and sang songs in movies like GAIA SYMPHONY. I think her voice is one of the most beautiful, say, transparent voice. Many people call her a "queen of healing." When I first heard her singing in a live concert, I could not stop shedding tears. Her voice soaked into my heart and moved it deeply, and the tears just unconsciously rolled down from my eyes. Soon after the Earthquake, she came to Japan to hold charity concerts and my family and I had a chance to hear her singing again. I once attended one day Voice Workshop of hers, too. I bought her CDs in those days and I still have some of them now. As Jolanta will come and we may have some opportunity to introduce Japanese songs to her, I had searched and found Susan's old album.

wabi.jpgSusan likes to sing Japanese old songs which young and old could sing together. The title of the CD was "Wa-Bi" which meant the beauty of Japan. The songs are sung in English in beautiful translation. The song below was one of my favorites which is sung to the melody of Furusato. She is singing a praise not only for our home towns or countries, but also for the whole nature of the earth. Her message is that we should love and respect every single creature, of course person, on the earth. I like this message because I do not like to be an exclusive nationalist. Try to sing it very slowly and sharp the note in the third stanza. I confess that I always start weeping when I sing the last stanza. I add the Japanese verses to the text so that you can follow the melody.

Earth Is My Home

Forests of green and gold兎追ひし
Prairies so wideかの山
Wild rushing rivers mounatains so high小鮒(こぶな)釣りし かの川
Crystal skies and fields of grain夢は今も
Miracles of sun and rainめぐりて
Beauty surrounds me忘れがたき
Earth is my home故郷(ふるさと)

Deep running salmon
Slumbering bear
Geese flying north again, red colt and mare
susan.jpgLeaping deer and sounding whale
Winging dove and crawling snail
Family of living things
Earth is my home

Memories of childhood, timeless and true
Memories of family, memories of you
Laughter and lonely tears
Brightest hopes and darkest fears
We share this humanity
Earth is our home

Do You Like Summer?

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Today I went to my familiar hairdresser and had my hair cut. As always, she was cheerful and lively. She said she was very fond of the summer season when very young, but she has come to dislike summer year after year. I asked her why and she told me some sad stories which made her change....

jaws.jpgThe first turn was the Steven Spielberg's movie, JAWS. It was 1975, a long time ago, and she was a very good, never tiring swimmer. She liked swimming from island to island in the ocean. But when she saw JAWS, the scene in which a lady was attacked, bitten and killed by that monstrous shark would not release her. She was so obsessed by that horrible image that she could not swim, not only in the sea but also in a pool, for some years. She was afraid of something hiding under the water, where she could not see through. The sound of the bubbling water also frightened her, and the sound of water pouring into the bathtub threatened her for months. As for me, because I could not swim in the deep place, the fear for the shark in the ocean was beyond my imagination.
Her second turn was a miserable experience of a heat stroke. She went to an uninhabited island in Okinawa with her newly wed husband. They spent all day on the island and she had a nap on the beach. As a result, I think you can guess the result, she had awful sunburn. Her body was so hot and feverish that she could not lay her down on bed, and she was in a bathtub full of cold water all night. Moreover, the sunburn caused the first stain on her face. As she has a very fair skin, not like me, I understand it shocked her well.
Now that she has become adult and is no more a fragile sensitive girl, she talked laughingly of those impressive stories to me. What troubles her in summer now is mainly insects. And on that point, I quite agree with her!

Calm After Storm

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My daughter called me and told me that she had quarreled with her husband. It was the first quarrel they made as far as I knew. As this is the first summer holidays after their wedding, my son-in-law wants to visit his parents' house in Kagawa, but my daughter wants to visit her grandparents' house in Kobe.

puta4.JPGIf she were my client, I should at least ask her if I can give my opinion.... However, what she wanted me was to blame him together, so I decided to reject it and play a mother's role. I told her that as she had married him, the relationship with his parents would be a top priority and she should postpone her plan. She was also angry at him because he sometimes made his decision without asking her. I wanted to soothe her, so I sent her a picture of "puta" with its comment "Please make it up with him!" In the evening, she sent me e-mail. She wrote that she apologized to him soon after she received the picture. She spoke fondly of her husband that she realized all his affection on her. So, our pig played a role of go-between this time.

A Room for Jolanta

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This morning I searched for a furnished apartment for Jolanta and Nara on the Internet. As Jolanta and Nara speak Latvian, Russian, English, but not Japanese, perhaps it will be convenient for us to live nearby. I found many weekly and monthly apartment houses on the Internet, but this area is so popular for those who want to live downtown Osaka for short term stays that it was difficult to find a vacant room. I searched again and again and finally chose one and called the real estate agent. The man on the phone said that one of the tenants was going to leave on September 30, so one room would be available from October 1. So lucky! Our friends from Latvia will come on October 1. The room is not large but furnishes with two beds. Moreover, the apartment is incredibly near my house...perhaps in three minutes on foot! Then I can call them and invite them for tea and dinner anytime, and perhaps we can go for jogging or walking at nights. I will have cheerful neighbors! It will be exciting autumn and I am really looking forward to it.

Win the Patient

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I started the Life-Style analysis in the clinic last September, so I have been doing it for almost one year. I have met more than 15 patients and I have a few success cases. There are some cases we could not agree in doing Life-Style analysis, and in those cases I did not see them again.
I often went to attend the Case Study in Adler Guild on Fridays last year, and asked for help every time to my teachers and seniors. In those days, my seniors told me many times that I should "win the patients." It is a Dreikursian phrase which means a counselor should not obey the clients' demands, and he should obey the counseling structure based on Adlerian Psychology however the clients resist it. But I often gave clients my way and tried to compromise with them. It did not work at all! I was afraid of making them angry, and I did not have enough technique to go my way hand in hand with them. This is my Life-Style that I become a coward when I should do it decidedly.
Yesterday, however, I found out that I have managed to obey the line of counseling. For example, when a client is eager to know the alternative action right now, I never give her one. I just listen to her lament and tell her to find the good side of her story. She may be angry at me and show her tears, but I say that to find the good side of her life is the only way to be happy. Unconsciously, I threw away my hope to be loved by clients. What I should hope is my being a help for them. Winning the patient is not for me, but for the patient. Thanks to the teachers and seniors, to know and understand this fact encouraged me much.

A Case Conference in Clinic

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Today is the day of a case conference in a Psychosomatic Medicine Clinic in Kitahama, Osaka. We had started the case study from March, the last time was in May, and this is the third conference we have. I am very grateful to the members, for they have arranged their schedules to hold the regular meetings. There are three doctors in this clinic, and two of the three came this afternoon; one is Dr. Noda who is a psychiatrist, and the other is a physician who is also studying Adlerian Psychology. Besides them, two counselors including me participated in the meeting. The other counselor is also a doctor, an anesthesiologist. So I am the only one who is not professional.
I have two clients from each doctor now, and as there are three doctors, I have six clients in total with whom I regularly have interviews. Each case is unique and I should tell the doctors what I have been doing in the counseling processes. Sometimes the clients show other aspects and traits of their characters to me, and the doctors assess my information and may use it for the better treatment. Moreover, I have questions to ask Dr. Noda about the Life-Style analysis of my clients. Fortunately enough, we all are students of Adlerian Psychology, and what we gain from our leader is invaluable. I know this is the rare opportunity to learn Adlerian Psychology in such a core, clinical situation. While receiving this big gift, what can I do for people or Adlerian society? I shall do my best in counseling, making the best use of what I learned from my teachers and clients and colleagues. This is one of the ways I be courageous, using my strength for society.

Invitation to Jolanta Special

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We will have "Jolanta Special" at the monthly meeting of Pont au Courage. Let us talk with Ms Jolanta Cihanovica who is a Latvian psychotherapist and also a mother, and her daughter, Nara.

Date : November 9, Monday, from 10:30 to 14:00
Place : The usual meeting room in Higashinada, Kobe
Fee : 1,000 yen (including the usual fee plus lunch)
The fixed number : 15 members

We ask Jolanata to talk about herself and her country. We may hear many interesting stories from her. Let us exchange the information on Adlerian Psychology and our ways of child rearing, education, and culture.
We will prepare sandwiches and rice balls, eating and chatting a lot. We can talk face to face with them, so you do not need to worry about English. Your smile and gesture are enough to communicate!

We invite anyone who is interested in Adlerian Psychology.
meru018.gifPlease do not hesitate to join us!

Donation: We will invite Jolanta as a special member of Pont au Courage, not as a lecturer or a teacher. If you would share your favor for their stay in Japan, we will appreciate it very much.

More information is at our homepage.

Today's Young

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Last night my daughter and son came to stay at my house. I had dinner with daughter, but son came after went drinking with his friends for his 20th birthday, so he came at midnight. Fortunately, he had not gotten drunk much. One of his friends' gift was a can of Premium Malts Beer, and another friend's gift was a photographic collection of Miyazaki Aoi.
aoi2.jpgI gave him the G clef tie pin and a dark blue necktie, with which he was very pleased. He said that he could wear them for the teaching practices next year. I am sorry that I could not find a tie pin with a palette or a drawing brush!
I had not seen him for a month, and he seemed to be getting taller. He seemed to have gotten thinner, his chin sharper, and his shoulders wider. He dyed his hair brown again (he did it last summer), and he wore a knotted anklet, a leather wrist band, and a leather code around his neck. In a word, he has become a typical young man of today. And I feel he is no more a child who needs my help. Of course, naturally, he has come of age.
On the next morning, we took brunch together. I cooked the germinated unpolished rice, hatsuga-genmai, and prepared miso soup, pickles of squash and eggplant, and some dried fish. They ate the dishes pleasingly. Son will play guitar at several live concerts this summer and daughter and I was invited to the live at 24 August. He will play with his old friend we know well, and his girlfriend will play keyboard and sing too. Well, of course, I wanna go and see how she resembles Miyazaki Aoi or not!

Museum of Northern Peoples

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I went to Hakodate last weekend to attend the Special Lecture on Encouragement and a Lecture on Child Rearing by Dr. Noda. The Special Lecture was held on Saturday afternoon in Hakodate City, and the Lecture was held on Sunday afternoon in Nanae Town.
As I had some leisure time in the Sunday morning, I went to visit the Hakodate City Museum of Northern Peoples. Northern People include Ainu people of Hokkaido, Sakhalin, and Chishima Islands, Uilta people of Sakhalin, and Aleut people of Aleutian Islands. A few anthropologists in the early Showa era collected the tools of those people used in daily life, and in rituals, and kept them in good condition. The collections from all over the northern lands were so invaluable for the ethnic researchers and the British Museum was eager to buy, but Dr. Baba Osamu never permitted selling those collections.
ainu2.jpegWhile I was strolling along the exhibitions, one of the researchers of the museum came and talked enthusiastically about the embroidery of the ceremonial Ainu dresses and about their beautiful necklaces. He told me that the pattern of the embroidery was believed to prevent the evil spirits from entering people's bodies. The eddy patterns of the Uilta people are rather soft, but Ainu people changed them more sharp, adding thorns to the eddies. They are the gods' thorns which prevent evils.
ainu3.jpegAbout the necklaces, they traditionally used beautiful color stones, and later, they liked to hung metal at the breast. As they had no metal in their land, they imported metal from Japanese people. So, only women with much propserity could wear the necklaces with precious metals. Japanese people sold any kind of metals; for example, old mirrors, handles of drawers, lids of teapots, and even brims of the swords. Perhaps Japanese merchants gained much.
I saw many elaborate wood carvings, too. I was fascinated by the culture of those northern people. At a small museum shop, I found CDs of Umeko Ando, one of my favorite native singers of Ainu. I bought some books on the necklaces and the patterns of clothes. This quiet museum has rare treasure and is worth to visit if you have chance.

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