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Enjoying a Lazy Day

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Today I had a severe headache. It was perhaps because I was vacantly free today, after busy days of one month. I had not had a free day since the middle of September. So, I stayed at home whole day, relaxed, and watched two Japanese movies on TV.
nekonade.jpgOne movie was a heartwarming comedy, titled "NEKONADE" featuring Ren Osugi. A hard working business man is fascinated by an abandoned kitten and he picks it up. The changes of his expressions from the scenes in the office to the scenes with the kitten are very comical. And the kitten is so-ooo enchanting! I like to hold it and touch its fur!
The other movie was a soft and slow movie, so to speak, "Yawarakai Seikatsu", featuring Terashima Shinobu as a heroine. It is a story of a 35 years old single woman who is suffering from manic-depressive psychosis. After her parents' accidental deaths, she has been often hospitalized and does not work, doing many affairs with men. It is interesting for me when the heroine counts the medicine she takes, for they are very familiar names in the psychiatry clinics. Her cousin is acted by Toyokawa Etsushi, and he is very nice. Tsumabuki Satoshi also appears as a young gangster suffering from depression. I enjoyed the film very much.

yawarakai_s.jpgPeople, especially young women, praise the movie, as the heroine represents a woman of the present, who does too much her best and is easy to be hurt. I do not think this evaluation is right. I think this is a story of a woman recovering her health through the relationships with the weak and sensitive men. She always says things frank, and does not show much emotion directly. However, in the last scene, losing her love, she cries loud in the bathtub, naked; I think this scene shows that she at last regains her mental health.
Anyway, I took some painkiller in the evening and have recovered from the headache. Now I am going to take a bath. Such a lazy day, I should sometimes take, in order to keep my health.

Songs of Latvia

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congress1.JPGAt the Congress of the Japanese Society of Adlerian Psychology in Kochi, Jolanta had a splendid lecture. I was very happy I could do something contributive to the society as I was a translator for the lecture. People were encouraged to take a step further in communicating in English. In the lecture, she did not mention much about the history of her country, though Latvia was occupied by Sweden, Poland, Germany, and Russia and liberated only 19 years ago. Her lecture was full of positive energy and happy feelings.

congress2.JPGAfter the lecture and a symposium, at the banquet in the evening, Jolanta sang songs with a guitar. I heard the Latvians were called as "the Singing People" and she suerly is one of them. The first song was an ancient Latvian song and I liked it best. Very old, melancholic, full of ancient spirit, I felt. The song reminded me of Rilke's beautiful short stories.... The second song was sung in Russian language. It was a rythmical, joyful song. The third song was very impressive, also sung in Russian. It touched my heart so deeply that actually I felt like crying. I did not understand a single word, but felt a strong emotion in the song. What a pathetic song the Latvians sing...!
To hear her song, I faced the fact that we, the Japanese and the Latvians, were different. Their history, their culture, their way of thinking and feeling, their emotions at the bottom, might not have much similarities to those of the Japanese people. Latvian songs are sad, passive, and pathetic, but strong like ancient trees, and beautiful. We tend to think we succeed in making friends, finding our similarities on the surface. Yes, it is important to communicate, chat and laugh together. However, "In similarities we connect, and in differences we grow"; a key concept in Jolanta's leture. As we are all human beings, we have both similarities and differences. By listening to her and noticing the differences between us, I felt that I started knowing her for the first time. The whole existence of a humanity, including sorrow, joy, hope, hatred and love, appeared to me. This was the moment the true sense of respect to an identity of the different culture began.


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I went to Koyasan with Jolanta, Nara, Jalsha and other friends. We stayed a night at a Shukubo (the Dormitory of Temple) and spent two days there. The weather was incredibly fine and we enjoyed Koyasan to the full.
I had thought that Koyasan was a name of a mountain, but it was not. People call the whole sanctuary Koyasan. It extends at least from Daimon (Big Gate) to Oku-no-In (the Deepest Temple) where the dead Kobo-Daishi is. The approach to the Oku-no-In was lined with innumerable graves of historic feudal lords on both sides, such as Akechi Mitsuhide, Ishida Mitsunari, Date Masamune, and so on. Many of the tombstones were so huge and grand, but they had changed their colors and were covered with moss. The approach was dark even in the daytime because it was in the ancient forest. The area was very mysterious and we felt the spirits of the deads were roaming, gathering around the energy of Kobo-Daishi. At Oku-no-In, we advocated Pajna-para-mita sutra to him and felt strong energy.

koyasan.JPGToday, we got up early, attended the morning prayer of the Shukubo, and walked along Cho-Ishi-Michi (Road with Guide Stones). It was a good hiking among the bright forest of cedars, cherries, and chestnut trees. In the morning it was very cold, but while walking we got warm. After a bit of mountain climbing, we came back to the center of Koyasan again, seeing a good amount of statues and pictures in a museum, looking around the souvenir shops.
We came down from the mountain at four and returned to Osaka at about six o'clock. We were tired but felt vigorous, because we breathed the fresh air of the sacred mountains. The vegetarian dishes, Syojin-ryori, in Shukubo were so tasty that all of us enjoyed it. Of course, Jolanta and Nara seemed to have enjoyed the tour. And I am very glad to hear Jolanta's impression like this: "It was magic!"

Everything Is Going "Great"!

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The day before yesterday, Jolanta and Nara came and everything is going very well. They live very near my apartment house, so it is convenient to assist their living in Japan. Their home is one of the monthly apartments and is equipped with all necessary furniture, including two beds and electric appliances.
Yesterday we held their welcome party at Shin-Osaka and 18 people came. Everyone tried to speak English in the party, and Jolanta vigorously encouraged people to speak English. I was impressed by the manner of her listening to people; it was very sincere and honest. Her voice sounded comfortable in a relaxing tone, and her pronunciation was accurate and clear. Even though we could not understand every word, we had a very good opportunity to feel her attractive personality, I believe.

I wrote here that I was trying to make a wordbook for Japanese Adlerians. I wanted to make it in time for this welcome party. Last evening just before the party, I went to Adler Guild with bunch of copies and cut all of them from A4 to A5. With the help of a friend, I bound all pieces of paper and made 30 small booklets.
lexicon.JPGAs you can see them on the picture, they are just a passport size. I made two types of covers, one is red and one is dark brown, but the content is the same. First half of it is an English-Japanese wordbook of Adlerian vocabularies, which you probably learned or heard at the Basic Courses, and the latter half is an English lexicon that explains the meanings of the words of the first part. I think I will distribute them for the members and participants of Pont au Courage freely. I can share it for 300 yen each to the other people, if asked.

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