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Passport Center

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I went to the Passport Center Office of Osaka Prefecture to update my passport. It is located in the area where government offices gather. I had one case of counseling in the morning, and I went to the Center before noon. To my surprise, the reception desk was so crowded. When I went to the Passport Center Office of Hyogo Prefecture, the offices were not very crowded as they were branches. I chose the headquarter this time as it was the nearest to my house. Besides, I underestimated the population of Osaka. More than 500 people had already finished acceptance before noon, and my turn was the 746th! Perhaps I chose the wrong day.... They rushed today because it was one of the golden week's holidays. Anyway, I should have been waiting more than an hour. Thanks to this long waiting time, I could read many pages of DER WELT VON GESTERN (The World of Yesterday) by Stefan Zweig. The new passport will be issued on May 12 and I hope it will not take so much time as today. I would not forget a book to read!

Grandma, Me?

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As some of you already know, my daughter is going to have a baby. The birthday will be October 24 if on schedule. I have been worrying very much about her and the fetus's condition because I had some experiences of miscarriage. But it is all right and she is 14 week pregnancy now. She received a blood test and had no problem; only the hemoglobin level of the red blood cell is slightly low. The fetus is about 5 cm long and she could distinguish its head and body. Moreover, my daughter declared that she could distinguish its eyes and nose! Then her husband asked her whom it resembled, to him or to my daughter. We had a good laugh!
Anyway, I will be terribly busy this autumn. I will be in charge of several tasks at a time: (1) My son will stay at my house in September while his student teaching period. (2) Dr. Yvonne Schurer and her husband Heintz will come to Japan from end of September to the middle of November. (3) My daughter will stay at my house from September to the end of November. And in the latter half, she will be with her baby! How nice! But unbelievable! I think I can manage (1) and (2), but it is my first experience to become a grandmother, so I do not know how to confront it. Does anybody know how to prepare it mentally?

Psychology and Religion

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Osho Rajneesh leads us to the very high sphere of spiritualism, using many kinds of speeches. Sometimes he talks on Zen Buddhism, sometimes on Tantric Buddhism, sometimes on Tao, Sufism, or Hasidism. And we choose any of them which suits our nature best. I am easily touched by metaphors on ocean, clouds, trees and birds, so I prefer Tantric Buddhism to Zen. This morning I read the phrases below from his book on Hasidism.

Keep quiet. Listen to what the whole is willing -- don't try to have your private goals, don't try to have your private desires. Don't ask anything individually -- the whole is moving towards its destiny. You simply be part of it. Co-operate. Don't be in a conflict. Surrender to it.

Wow! It is very much like a lecture of Adlerian Psychology on the absolute holism. Adler and Dreikurs taught us that while we clung to our private goal-striving, we might not contribute to the society, and therefore, we might not be happy. We are embedded in the whole. And yet, according to Osho, life always betrays you in a secular way. It will never fulfill our desires for belonging to the others, notwithstanding all our efforts of contribution and cooperation.

And life always sends you back to your own reality.... It gives you a thousand and one opportunities to be frustrated so that you can understand that expectations are not good and dreams are futile and desires are never fulfilled. Then you drop desiring, you drop dreaming, you drop proposing. Suddenly you are back home and the treasure is there.

This is the dividing line between psychology and religion, I guess. While psychology tries to make people happy in this secular life, religion turns to inward. The voice of "the whole" is not the voice of the society. To recognize what "the whole" wants, we should meditate and go back to ourselves. What treasure is there, then? I do not know. All I can do is to follow someone who is enlightened. This is the religion.

Reading Glasses

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eyeglass.jpgI bought a pair of reading glasses this afternoon. Though I am severely nearsighted and astigmatic, I have become farsighted recently. So I went to an eye doctor last week and got the prescription for the glasses. I am always wearing contact lenses, and I am going to wear the reading glasses too when I read small letters. I went to an optical shop the eye doctor recommended. It is a small shop in a shopping center near the station, and they sell various kinds of glasses, from the cheapest to the brand-name goods. I tried some from cheaper ones, but the glasses which I liked were fairly expensive. That is the way it goes! The frame is made of titanium, so light and flexible. The frame is my favorite color, purple. Does it suit me?

Raccoon & Bros.

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Dr. Noda's Office has been very busy this spring. We had the Spiritual Workshop in March, and the lecture and the practice on Social Interest and Narratives were in the last weekend. As I am the only worker actually, I do all the chores. Every day I receive many e-mails of business, and I manage several lists of applicants at a time. However, our office will not be occupied ourselves with workshops or lectures until September. Of course Dr. Noda will give lectures in many areas in Japan per request, and I will arrange his tours. But, because we were too busy so far, I feel it is almost like a vacation now. Our office, Tanuki-ya-hompo, the Raccoon & Brothers Co. Ltd., as he calls it as a joke, is in a leisure season and I welcome it! As for the origin of the raccoons, see Happy Raccoons and Happy Raccoons (2).


Only Action Brings Happiness

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This morning one of the counseling cases has finished. The client first came to me last summer and this was our 20th interview. At first, She was so upset that I had tried all the secret arts I learned from our master together with the Life-Style analysis; the solution oriented method, the empty chair method, personification, externalization, ridiculously funny alternatives, etc. She has agreed on her movement according to her Life-Style and became aware what was happening in her life, but she hardly understood it at heart. In other words, her unconsciousness had resisted changing. However, she has been altering dramatically this week. Today she said she no longer felt anxiety nor worried about the past. She simply does what she can do for her family. I do not know what happened to her. Somehow she has realized that the problem she should solve is in herself, not in others. Yes, I told her last week that she should change her action if she wanted to be happy; her thoughts WOULD NEVER bring her happiness. She owes her growth to her husband, her children, her parents and kin, and her doctor, who proved that her inferiority position was a mere fantasy. (This was a story I constructed this morning.) I believe she is all right now because her narrative has changed much. I asked her to make a reservation after three or four months in order to show me her happy face.

Spring in Kyoto

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I finally finished writing an essay on Jolanta and sent it to the editor last night. I am afraid it is too long ... and it might be difficult to be appeared on ADLERIAN. Anyway, I am satisfied because I wrote all about the last autumn with Jolanta.
Last weekend, we had the special lecture and practice on Social Interest and Narratives by Dr. Noda. The content of the lecture was so rich! It was warm and the cherry blossoms were at the peak in Kyoto. Kyoto is usually very much crowded in this season, but the place was in rather a quiet area, near Kyoto University. It ended at five on the second day, and I walked to the Keihan Demachi-Yanagi Station along the Kamo-River. Many students and families were gathering under the cherry trees, enjoying the early spring evening. There were many willow (yanagi) trees near the station, and I was impressed by the contrast between the pale pink of cherry blossoms and the light green of willow buds. If it were brighter, I would have taken a good picture of cherry blossoms and willow trees.


Cherry Blossoms

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sakura3.jpgToday is the last day of my four days holidays. I have been very busy writing an essay about my days with Jolanta, for the ADLERIAN next issue. This morning I went to an eye doctor to check my contact lenses, and on my way home, I felt like taking a detour to see cherry blossoms, as the weather was so fine.
Sanko Shrine is one of my favorite places which is on top of a small mound called Sanada-Hill. It is said that Sanada Yukimura guarded the Toyotomi family there at the time of Osaka winter wars, and there is his stone statue standing. The Sanada clan was famous for the strong militaries.

sakura.jpgHowever, today I noticed that this was a noted place of the cherry blossoms. There were a lot of cherry trees on this small hill. Young and old, couples and families, mothers pushing buggies, children playing balls, dogs running, all were enjoying a day of spring. Nice spectacle! I love seeing their happy faces under the blossoms. This walk was a nice change of my feeling, and I shall continue my task.

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