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Love is the Key

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The other day I read:

I am here; look into me, feel me, try to imbibe my spirit in you, let my flame come closer to you. Any moment there can be a jump -- my flame can jump and light your unlit candle. Just come close, come close ... and when I say come close I mean be more and more in love. Love is the only closeness there is; love is the only intimacy there is. It is not a question of physical closeness, it is a question of inner intimacy. Be open to me, as I am open to you; be available to me, as I am available to you. Don't be afraid, you have nothing to lose ... except your chains.
   from THE ART OF DYING: talks on Hasidism by Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh

I read two or three pages of his book almost every day. This is my routine ritual in the morning. I forgot when I had started reading this book, so I looked up my Red Bird's entries and found out that I was reading THE WHITE LOTUS in May last year. If so, I have been reading THE ART OF DYING for about one year, which I will finish reading in a few days.
Sometimes the words of Osho Rajneesh are so impressive and moving that I try to remember. For some hours I keep the feeling in my heart, but alas, my silly brain forget the treasure soon. Optimistically, I guess that I have kept them in my heart, not in my mind. But then, why am I shocked so much by him again and again?
And this time, "Love." Only love can do. Love is the key. I should remember, or this might be the time I should practice.

Cactus Again

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cactus2.jpgMy cacti began to bloom beautifully as I wrote before. After the first peak of the flowering they became silent again, and there came the second tide last week. I wonder why they always bloom simultaneously.... Perhaps due to some influence of the moon, I guess.
Anyway, I want to show you my cacti's flowers from other angles. In the right, the large green leaves underneath the cacti's pots are of Taro the Beauty, Dieffenbachia tropica, that has grown up to this height. I usually take the pictures turning the flower faces to me, but I did not turn them in the latest shot below. They bent their necks toward the cloudy sky to seek sunlight. Isn't it dramatic?


Tibetan Chants

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For some reason or other, I felt like listening to Tibetan Buddhist chants and bought a CD from Amazon the day before yesterday. Amazingly, they delivered it to me today. Good job, Amazon! It is a collaboration of a Tibetan monk of the Kagyupa School, Lama Gyurme, with a French musician, Jean Philippe Rykiel. Lama Gyurme takes part of vocals and some Tibetan percussions, and Rykiel plays keyboards. The title of the CD is RAIN OF BLESSINGS: VAJRA CHANTS. Again vajra, the holy weapon!
rainofblessings.jpgI played the CD at once. I knew some of the mantras in the CD and some did not, but all chants were fascinating. They had very interesting influences on me. The vibration was still and silent, and I felt the mantras penetrating into me though I did not understand the words. While I listened to the chants, they began to soak into me and shook me at the center. At last, when I listened to the last mantra, I began to shed tears. No emotion, only tears. And I felt hot. I perspired though I was using the air conditioner, and it was very rare. Perhaps the chants purified me to some extent...yes!

Yoga Lesson

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Yesterday I went to the Yoga lesson at Isshinji-Temple. This was the third lesson to me though they hold it every two weeks. I took the first lesson in February, the second lesson in April, and the third in June. Naturally, I had forgotten what I was taught before, how to breathe deeply at abdomen.
In February I had a pain at my right shoulder due to age. Fortunately, it went away gradually and almost had cured in April. However, yesterday I felt a pain at my right lower back. The pain was severe but the area of the pain is restricted (about 2 cm circle). And I also felt the muscle strength in my lower back had become weaker than before. I think I should train the muscle in the back lest I will be bowed down by old age....
After two hours' lesson, I felt warm and really relaxed, and perhaps, exhausted. I went home in the heavy rain in the late afternoon, lay down and began to read a book, but I went to sleep soon. I could not believe it when I woke up: I had slept for nearly two hours!

Ms.Jolanta and Dr.Yvonne

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One of my friends asked me the difference between the Jolanta Projct last year and the Yvonne's Weekends this year. I guess the aims of both projects are the same: That is, to learn Adlerian Psychology in English. For what? For Japanese Adlerians to grow. To learn the real sense of mutual respect, mutual trust and cooperation, the mutual communication with foreign Adlerians is vital.
Well, Jolanta was a professional psychologist, but she was one of us; I mean she was a friendly, curious, healthy, and vigorous young mother. She was very good at making friends with new people in Japan. On the other hand, Dr. Yvonne Schurer is a veteran teacher of Adlerian Psychology. She is even one of the teachers of Dr. Noda. So we will treat her as a "teacher" and will not introduce her to Japanese self-help groups, unless she wants to join.

I really appreciate Jolanta who did a really good job last year. She got rid of our allergy to English and encouraged us to speak English. In the consequence, in this autumn, I think many of Japanese Adlerians are ready to attend the English speaking classes and learn from an English speaking teacher. I am sure Dr. Yvonne will lead us to the essence of Adlerian Psychology, so I am really looking forward to it!

Preparation for Yvonne's Weekends

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Dr. Yvonne Schurer and her husband, Heinz, will visit Japan this autumn and I am now busy preparing their stay. Yvonne will have three four-days workshops of Life-Style analysis. The workshops will be held in Nara, Hakone, and Yufuinn sequentially, and I had reserved their hotels for all three places. She will also have a two-days workshop for teachers and nurses. We had not arranged the place yet, so I examined the hotels nominated and called them using whole day yesterday. This morning, I finally made a reservation at a hotel in Otsu for this workshop. I think I have done a good job.
But there are some more things I should still arrange. I have been searching for the workshop place in Nara, but Nara City is very crowded because of the 1300th anniversary of Nara Heijo-kyo Capital in 2010. The place I managed to find will accept the application only three months before the use day, so we cannot announce the place until July 8. One more thing we cannot decide yet is about the apartment house of Yvonne and Heinz. We want to reserve a monthly apartment house where Jolanta and Nara used last autumn, but the reservation will start 30 days before the entering day.
However, except for these two things above, every other schedule has been almost settled. You can see the information and guidance at the Noda's Office home page.
cut.jpgI bet that all workshop places will be very good and comfortable, as I chose them in the deep meditation! You can apply from the application form on the Noda's Office home page and I will be glad if you can join any of these projects!

To Help a Move

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I am going to Tottori next morning. My daughter and her husband will move to a new house tomorrow afternoon. When she came to my house in February she mentioned the plan of move in June, and my son (her brother) offered to go and help her. He had some experiences at some moving shops when he was in the senior high. My daughter was pleased with this reliable proposal. I said that I could clean the old house and tidy the new house if they arranged the schedule. The X-day has been decided at June 12, and we, two curious helpers, will go together.
Of course my daughter's husband is a person in charge for the move. He must pack all their things because my daughter is pregnant, in the sixth month now. One thing very crucial for him is that there will be a World Cup Soccer game tomorrow night. He is an eager soccer fan. I hope that everything will go well and we will be able to finish the move by the time of the match!

To Nara National Museum

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I went to the Special Exhibition "Imperial Envoys to Tang China" at Nara National Museum. I saw its beautiful poster at Namba station in the morning, and decided to go today. Namba was the terminal station of Kintetsu line to Nara, so it was a good idea to go at once!
I was right. The exhibition was splendid! We could learn the relationships between Japan and China, from 607 when Kenzuishi was first sent to the Sui court in China, until 874 when the last Kentoshi was sent to the Tang court. People like Yamanoue-no-Okura, Kibi-no-Makibi, Saicho and Kukai crossed the sea notwithstanding the risks of losing their lives.
shokannon.jpg"These risky voyages were a gamble that might well cost a traveler his life, but they brought advanced knowledge, information and material culture from the continent to Japan. The imports had a great influence across a wide spectrum of endeavors: from the organization of government, higher learning, thought, religion, technology, arts to social customs, resulting in a dramatic rise in the level of Japanese culture. (Cited from English home page of the Nara National Museum)"
The most beautiful statue I saw was bronze Standing Sho-Kannon which was made in 7 or 8 centuries and stored in Yakushiji Temple. This was the statue I saw on the poster. I was so fascinated that I returned to see it once more before I left. Another statue I liked was wooden Standing Eleven-headed Kannon of Nara era. To my surprise, it was made from one huge tree!

vajuras.jpgThere were picture scrolls which vividly told us the voyage of the Kentoshi ships, and precious manuscripts of sutras and poetry. The powerful vajuras which Kukai himself brought back from Tang. A picture of a white horse which Emperor Genso of Tang rode. I was really satisfied that I could meet these treasures. The exhibition is until June 20, and I recommend that you too go.

They Are Blooming!

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See them blooming in the bright sunlight this morning.


The flower buds of cacti were at first very small, the size of the fingernails of the little fingers. Gradually they grew to the size of the thumbs. They seemed like the caterpillars and were not very attractive. Last evening, I noticed the stem of some flower buds had changed their shapes totally; they have grown very long, and bent the direction toward the sun. The buds seemed to open very soon. And at night, around nine o'clock, they began to flower. It was interesting that they bloomed at nights though they liked to be bathed in sunlight. I had not imagined such beautiful flowers out of such grotesque buds...! As I knew some kinds of cacti withered away in one night (like Gekka-Bijin, the Beauty Under the Moon), I was afraid to find them dying in the morning. But fortunately, I saw these magnificent full-opened flowers in the morning! I took pictures and sent e-mails to my father, brother, daughter and son. I believe that they were all glad to know the news, though only father and daughter replied to me.
I went to work and when I returned in the evening, alas, they had died in one day! The withered flowers look so miserable that I do not want to show them to you. However, I can enjoy flowers a few more days because I see some more buds still. In fact, next two buds are going to open right now!

Astro Soichi

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Today Astronaut Soichi Noguchi will return to the earth by spaceship Soyuz. You may know that my fun in Twitter has owed almost to Astro Soichi's amazing pictures from Space Station, as I introduced it occasionally here. We have never seen so many beautiful pictures with such angles. Besides, there is no air in space, so the pictures were very clear. I believe he is a born artist because the framing for the pictures was always sharp. It is incredible that more than 250,000 people has been following his tweets.
One of the most impressive things was Astro Soichi's attitude toward people on earth. He stands on the equal line, I guess. He took pictures of stricken areas such as Haiti attacked by the earthquake, or Poland by the flood. His comments were short but warm and full of love for people. He sent a picture over the Miyazaki Prefecture with a comment "Gambare! Miyazaki," which was unusual for him to twitter in Japanese. It was very moving that the astronauts in space kept in touch with the news and were anxious about people sincerely.


This was the last picture he sent from Space Station, with a comment "One more look at our beautiful Mt. Fuji, Japan." Yes, I guess he is a Japanese at the same time to be a space traveler. I hope he will land on the earth safely!


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This evening my son played his music in a live music club in Osaka. It started from six o'clock, and luckily, I could see his performance as my job ended early. The name of the live music club was Socio America-mura located in Shinsaibashi. There were very many small gaudy shops for young people, and boys, girls, foreigners were hanging around on the street corners. As I am an unfamiliar obasan in this town, I felt uncomfortable. The club was difficult to find, but I could arrive on time somehow.
My son reserved an advance ticket for me and it cost 1,500 yen. And another 1,000 yen for two glasses of drink. Wow, how expensive! When he was in high school, the cost of his live performance was 500 or 1,000 yen.... Anyway, two drinks were too much, so I ordered one drink, ginger ale and one food, pizza. They served me a bottle of ginger ale and a sheet of defrosted pizza. They did not even serve the ale with a glass, so I asked one. I found out that I could not taste food if I could not see it; the room was too dark to see what kind of pizza it was.
yuyasocio.jpgNevertheless, as for the music, I was wholly satisfied to see my son's songs fascinate the audience. He played guitar rhythmically, sang songs energetically, and manipulated the Kaossilator (Dynamic Phrase Synthesizer) and other equipment skillfully. As a doting mother, I thought that my son's music was getting more powerful.
On the way to the Shinsaibashi station, I passed in front of the Apple Store by chance, and went in to take a look at new iPad machines. Fortunately, I could touch and play with iPad! I did not have any idea to buy it, but I enjoyed turning the pages and playing piano on iPad. Well, this evening I had a little adventure in the unfamiliar town alone!

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