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The Deadline

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After I presented my research "The Counseling Process in Parent-Study Groups
Based on Individual Psychology" in the International Congress of Vilnius 2007, Dr. Noda advised me to send copies to any of my foreign acquaintances. So I sent it to my ICASSI teachers and friends. Anthea Millar, who is the editor of YEAR BOOK of the United Kingdom, read my article two years ago, and remembered it very well. When we talked about the 2010 YEAR BOOK in ICASSI Romania, Anthea encouraged me to submit my article for the 2011 YEAR BOOK. I hesitated but she suggested it twice. Dr. Noda also said "Try it as she encouraged you so much" but I had still been hesitating.
Last week, I suddenly recalled the conversation with her and opened the 2010 YEAR BOOK. I found that the deadline of the submission for the next issue will be September 15. It was September 10 and I thought I could make it. I had submitted it for the ADLERIAN of Japan last year and I kept all the necessary data and files.
So I hastily wrote my short biography for the compilation and asked Dr. Noda if I could send it. And today, it was September 13 already, I wrote e-mail to Anthea and sent the files to the editors. Anthea immediately replied that she was "delighted that you will submit your research article for the Year Book which I found excellent when I read it after Vilnius." As it contains many tables and figures, I wonder if it will be accepted ... but I try! This is my new challenge and I hope it will do.

Living without Purpose

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This morning I read:

Why seek at all for a purpose?
If you seek this you will never find it
   because it is eternally hidden in the seeker.
Life is without purpose --
   life is its own purpose,
      therefore he who lives without purpose truly lives.
Live! Isn't living itself enough?

Do not think in the language of purpose --
   that language is diseased in itself.
The sky exists without purpose.
God is without purpose
   flowers bloom without purpose
and stars shine without purpose --
   what has happened to poor man
      that he cannot live without purpose!

          from A CUP OF TEA by Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh

Naturally, it reminds me of the goal striving theory of Adlerian Psychology. When we are in the equal position, we know that we belong; and when we are pursuing our goals, compensating our inferiority feelings, we do not notice we already belong. In the Adlerian psychotherapy, they say it is difficult for human beings to give up the goal striving, and they recommend us to grow and choose more reasonable goals. But in the spirituality, he simply says we should drop it.

flower.jpgYes, if we can always be in the equal position and never feel inferior or superior, we will be blissed like flowers and stars. Alas, men have language! All sufferings and troubles come from that "he cannot live without purpose!" However, living without a goal will not work as a counseling goal in the clinical situation. And I think what a counselor can do is to align our goals and seek the better way to live, leaving the goal striving as it is.

Living with my Son

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I am living with my 21-years-old son now. His practice teaching has started at September 2 and it will end at 30. The junior high school where he does the practice teaching is in the local area nearly two hours from my house. I hear some students in practices use the weekly apartment houses near the school to save time, but my son chose to stay at my house ... perhaps because he wanted to bring my lunch. He leaves at 6:30 every morning and returns after 9 every evening. As a consequence, I get up at 5:30 to prepare his lunch, and eat supper with him after 9. Well, I have been living very freely after the divorce. You can imagine how tough it is for me to get up early and cook every lunch and supper! However, I know this is the rare opportunity to live with my son so long a period, so, of course, I am enjoying it. Every night after supper, he is busy writing reports about what he has learned that day, preparing for the next day, and printing the program of the class. Although we do not have much time to speak, I want to do my best to support him.

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