A Boy!


My first grandchild was born today! It was a boy of 3,400g. Wow!
Yesterday afternoon my daughter went to the hospital for the maternity check up, feeling a weak tension at her belly. The doctor and midwife recommended her to stay in the ward and she was hospitalized. So I left my work earlier, dropped in at my house to fetch her baggage, and went to the hospital. Her labor pains were not severe at that time. Her husband came at 10 o'clock in the night from Tottori. Still, her pains did not come frequently, so I went home to take a rest.
kosuke.jpgEarly in the morning I went to the hospital again. Gradually, her pain had become severe and frequent. At last from noon, she went into labor every two minutes. Her husband and I waited in the other room patiently.
It was near two o'clock when one of the nurses led us to the LDR (Labor, Delivery, and Recovery) room. There! We found exhausted but happy daughter and her baby. She started to weep when she saw us. We praised her sacred work. 3,400g baby for a primipara must have been a very hard job.
And the baby! He is beautiful! We never tired of watching him. He cries, yawns, waves his small hands abruptly, sneezes, and tries to drink mother's milk. Oh I have become his devotee, in half an hour, already.


He is beautiful!!
Cant' wait to hear stories about him.

The baby has come to you and your family.
Your daughter will become a good mother,
as you were and are.

Congratulations on your beautiful grandbaby! Welcome to the grandparents club - I have 5 now and they are wonderful! May your grandchildren bring you much happiness and may you enrich their lives as you have so many others.

What a surprise to read a comment here from Dr. Newbaurer!
Thank you so much, John, I love you!
Wanna see you again at ICASSI!

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