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Happy Raccoons from Autumn

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tanuki3.jpgOn the top, you see the raccoon is working hard at his desk. It was the fax in the middle of September; perhaps he was making Power Point for the Intensive Course of Alderian Psychology. After that, he became extremely busy taking care of his guests from Switzerland. However, he seems to enjoy feeding deer in Nara, bathing in hot springs in Yufuin. He seems to keep good appetite, tasting cookies his guests make or boiling rice with chestnut.

tanuki4.jpgHe makes DVDs for his guests as the memories of Japan. After his guests left, finally he could have time for fishing ! His life becomes more relaxing recently.
While my daughter was in my house, almost every evening the fax paper was sent from the boss of the Raccoon & Brothers Co. Ltd. And every time we heard the sound of the fax, both my daughter and I shouted "it's from tanuki-san !" We really enjoyed the fax.
Now there will be no income to our office until spring, so the fax of the raccoons came no more. Moreover, my daughter and grandson had gone, my evenings became lonely.

Happy Raccoons in Summer

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I am sorry I have been too busy to share the happy raccoons of Noda's office (Raccoon & Bros) with you. When we are busy, the bank account increases naturally, and Dr. Noda sends me the fax of the bank report with the pictures of raccoons.

tanuki1.jpgIn the first picture you see the raccoons enjoying the summer season. He seems to like rain as well as summer heat. And to my surprise, he seems to have a trip abroad.... Where did he go? To Romania, of course!

tanuki2.jpgIn the next picture you can see his daily life. He goes to the dentist, drinks tea with a big cafe-au-lait bowl, cooks and eats French toast. He sometimes laments when he cannot earn enough money. When he gets tickets of Kabuki for his guests, he wears a kimono, though it seems like bunbuku-chagama. On the left, you see the raccoon lying in bed. This was a message from Dr. Noda when he had a severe headache on August 11. As I was so anxious about his condition, he sent me a fax when he arrived home. He is very kind, but he should have gone to bed at once, I guess !


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This morning I read:

Do not look for a purpose in life
   but live, and live totally.
Do not be serious and grave
   but turn life into a dance.
Dance--like the waves on the sea!
Blossom--like the flowers in spring!
Sing--as the birds do continuously!
All without purpose, for no reason;
   then purpose is there,
      and all mystery is solved.

     from A CUP OF TEA by Bhavwan Shree Rajneesh

This is exactly what we learned at ASMI. ASMI is a workshop for meditation, Adlerian System for Mental Integration. I went to Tsuruga from 23 December to 26 to attend this workshop. About 20 people had gathered and we did all kinds of meditation from morning till night, confined in a small cosy hotel in snow. The hotel was located in front of the sacred Kehi-shrine and we experienced very good meditative hours. We danced, shook ourselves, wheeled, laughted, wept, shouted, sang, and were reborn. Perhaps "I" of ASM"I" represents illogicalization, or, idiotization.

Room to Myself Again

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Long time has passed since I last wrote an article here. As you already know, my daughter gave birth to a boy baby. They left for their home in Tottori in the end of November. It might be very cold there now.... So I could have much free time since December. No, I had been very busy translating an article for ADLERIAN. I finished sending the translation to the editors last evening.
Then I was totally free today! I cleaned the rooms and washed the laundry (though it was cloudy and getting rainy from afternoon), and watered my green plants. I wrote some English e-mail and three Christmas letters abroad. And I constructed a mailing-list for the Open Counseling of Dr. Noda in February. I spent many hours to make it work through Yahoo service, but finally (perhaps) I managed it!

victoria.jpgI was so dilegent today and these three months that I guess some rewards for me might be fair. Therefore, I booked a concert ticket for myself. It is a cappella concert of Renaissance motet by the Tallis Scholars in June. Although I do not know much about this famous group, I will have enough time to study during six months. Some recreation is necessary for oneself after a long busy period, is it?

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