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Tenzin Norbu

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I had a trip to Koyasan from October 31 to November 2 in order to take an initiation from His Holiness the Dalai Lama 14th. The ceremony of Vajradatsu Mandala Initiation was unforgettable experience to me, but now I want to chat a little about an exhibition that I saw at Koyasan.
I took the Nankai Express at noon and arrived at the dorter inn in the late afternoon. It was already getting dark in that mountain area, but I wanted to walk around the town I visited two years ago. There were souvenir shops and restaurants along the bus street as before. And by chance, I found a small coffee shop where people were gathering and smiling. It seemed they held a small exhibition of some paintings. Being attracted by their happy air, I went in.

tenjin2.jpgThey were displaying unique paintings of a Nepalese. His name was Tenzin Norbu, a Buddhist priest and a Thangka painter from Dolpo, the innermost village in the Himalayas. All paintings were filled with the pure religious zeal, and depicted the fascinating landscape, horses, and people. I felt the cold, transparent air of the Himalayas.

tenjin.jpgWhen I bought the collection of his paintings, the clerk of the shop took me to the painter, Tenzin Norbu himself. Until that time, I did not know the painter was there. He was a stout man with a big smile, and he took a ball-point pen, signed and quickly drew a picture of a horse on the first page of the collection. It was a horse running like the wind and was so real ! I thought this collection book would be my treasure.

tenjin2.jpg.jpegOn my way back to the dorter, I found myself smiling unknowingly, just like those people gathering in front of the coffee shop. Perhaps the painter was radiating happy feelings around him and it was infectious.

Theater, Theater

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Dr.Noda advises us to watch good drama works if we want to become good psychologists. I understand that the ability of a director keeping tension on the stage is the required ability of a psychologist during his/her counseling session. Though it is difficult to encounter "good" drama works, fortunately, I could watch some.

shiraishikayoko.jpgIn September, I went to watch a solo performance by Kayoko Shiraishi. She has been playing alone "One Hundred Supernatural Stories" since 1992. What I watched were the 93rd and 94th ghost stories of the Miyuki Miyabe original. The stories were good, and the actress's performance was excellent ! She acted as an old man who could not walk without a stick, then became a small child replying to him, and instantly altered to a man of prime of life, by changing her voice and her physical expression. It was like some magic to see her whole body transformed to another personality.

kishidakunio.jpgLast week, I went to watch a Bungaku-Za Group performance of short dramas by Kunio Kishida. Again, I was astonished to see the movements of the actors which wonderfully expressed the feelings and sensations of the characters. How elegantly the rich wife behaves in kimono. How vividly the complexion of an innocent-looking maid shows her ambition ! How foolish the upper-middle class people's vanity is ! I enjoyed all three plays heartily. Thanks to the counseling training, it seems my life has become richer.

My Boy

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This morning when I was going to the dentist, I saw a boy and a mother. The boy was perhaps 15 years old or so. When I noticed him, he was walking alone, hastily passing me by. Then I heard his mother's voice from behind: "No, wait ! Don't go ahead so ! I told you many times." The boy slowed down his steps, and they went up the stairs of the station together.
Then I suddenly noticed. My son never went ahead, never left me alone. I lived with him only for 15 years, but before I left home, I had never scolded him about it. When I visited the festival of his University the other day, he took me here and there, and introduced me to his friends. What a good boy, a kind fellow !
It was like a flash of recognition. At this moment, I understood that he likes me, always.

New Bird Comes!

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Last evening when I came back from Gifu City, I dropped in at a new shopping mall which was connected direct to JR Osaka station. I wanted to find a present for my friend who was very nice to me. There were many attractive shops in this new mall, especially for women: There were shops of ornaments, of import goods, of interior accessories, and so on.
In one of those shops, I found a lot of enchanting goods for me ... hand mirrors, key holders, and card cases with the pictures of small birds. I chose a card case of the picture of green elegant bird, and asked the clerk to wrap it as a Christmas gift. Then I found a small tray which was molded like a nest and a mother bird. I immediately knew that I would buy it for me.

nest.jpgThe bird is now on my dining table and she seems to want something put into her nest. A ring? Or some candy? It is always nice to welcome a cute thing to my house.

Going to Gifu

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Yesterday I went to Gifu City to attend the Hokuriku-Tokai Area Meeting of Japanese Society of Adlerian Psychology. Though I am not the member of Hokuriku-Tokai district, I was interested in the program of the meeting. One of my best friends, who is in fact one of the leading teachers of Adlerian Psychology in Japan, was to give a lecture in the first part of the meeting. Her lecture is always persuasive and impressive, so I want to hear her whenever I can.
Gifu is located in the middle of Tokyo and Osaka and it takes about three hours from Osaka. I took the Kintetsu train at 7:33, and at 10:30 I arrived at the place on time. It was crowded with 50 eager Adlerians.
After the lecture, we were divided into six small groups and did some workshop carefully designed by the leaders of Hokuriku-Tokai districts. We did some good training of listening to the client's story, extracting the episode from the story, sorting out the facts and opinions, and finding the personal strength in the episode. In our group, the episode was provided from a young school teacher of 24 years old, and she seemed to be encouraged through the workshop. I felt happy when her face became shiny. And I was happy to meet young mothers who were in the midst of child rearing.
You see, my daughter is 26 years old parenting a 1 year old baby, and my son is 22 years old and is going to be a teacher. All too soon people surrounding me have become my children's age ! I feel somewhat responsible; it might be time for me to inherit Adlerian Psychology to the next generation.

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