Making Ginger-Syrup

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ginger1.jpgMy father gave me a bundle of fresh ginger he grew last autumn. I used some and gave friends some, but there still remains a lot. The other day I found a recipe for ginger-syrup. As it is off today, I decided to try.
First, I washed the ginger with a toothbrush carefully. The ginger wrapped in mud was as fresh as just after the harvesting. The weight was precisely 300g. Then I sliced it thinly, put the slices into a bowl. I measured the same amount of sugar, added it to the slices and mixed them well by hand. Then leave them alone for more than 30 minutes. A large quantity of juice came from the sliced ginger. Then put the ginger into an enamel pan together with the juice and sugar. Do not add any water. Stew it slowly, skimming the scum. Put out the fire after 30 minutes and add some squeezed lemon juice. Leave until it cool down, filter it, and put it in a sterilized bottle.
ginger2.jpgThere! This is my first handmade ginger-syrup! I can enjoy it with tea. I can also make ginger-ale with some cider.
They say you can use the remaining ginger for sugar preserves. Or you can cook it with soy sauce, and kelp or sesame. Sweets made from ginger are very attractive to me. So I save it in the freezer now, and will try another recipe next time.

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