The Secret Statue

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Last Sunday I went to the Shitennoji temple, which is said to be the oldest Buddhist temple in Japan, built in 593. One of my young Adlerian friends will take a qualifying examination in a week, so I wanted to get a lucky charm for him.
Shitennoji was erected by Shotoku-Taishi (Prince Shotoku), who is known to be the cleverest noble man in Japan. There are about six stations by bus from my house to the Shitennoji temple. I would have the Tibetan Buddhism lessons from 11 o'clock that day, and I decided to go to the temple in the morning.

shotokutaishi.jpgI took the bus at 9:25 and got off near the west gate of the temple. I had once visited this temple, but I completely forgot the map of the yard. The temple was vast! I lost my way to find the office where I could buy the lucky charm. Before I found the office, I happened to find a notice which said they were showing us a treasured Buddhist statue of Shotoku-Taishi. The statue is forbidden to the public eyes except January 22, 10 am - 3 pm. Today! How lucky I was! I felt I should see the statue.
shitennoji-map.jpgI wandered the vast yard and managed to arrive at the Taishi-Okuden (Inmost Hall). It was 10 o'clock, then, a group of Buddhist monks was reciting the sutras and the forbidden doors were open. It was the statue of Prince Shotoku when he was 49 years old. The color on the wooden statue was vivid and impressive. Prince Shotoku was known for his profound faith in Buddhism when it was minor religion in Japan. Today I can learn Buddhism in Japan owing to Prince's virtue. Worshiping in front of the statue, I meditated on this rare chance.
After saying good-bye to the secret statue, I went to Potala College on foot for the lessons. It took near 30 minutes, but I walked happily. The lessons were extremely impressive that day! I am really happy. It is because perhaps I am on the right track of the spiritual path ... on the path of Buddhism.

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