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The True Sage


I read a beautiful phrase so I want to share ... just share. No explanation is needed:

 His no-anger is not absence of the energy of anger;
 his no-anger is because of awareness.
 This man can love, and love tremendously.
 This man can become a great compassion.
 The whole world can be filled by one man's compassion.
 The world is not big enough; 
 a single man's compassion, if it explodes, 
 can fill the whole universe.
 When a Buddha moves on the earth, 
 when a Jesus moves on the earth -- 
 that's how it has happened.
 A single man's energy -- 
 purified, absolutely purified, with no identification -- 
 becomes a soothing shower on the whole of existence.
     (from THE TRUE SAGE by Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh)


To the Baltic Countries Again

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I decided to go to ICASSI (The International Committee of Adlerian Summer Schools and Institutes) this summer. It will be my third ICASSI: The first was 2007 in the Netherlands, and the second was 2010 in Romania. This year it will be held at Druskininkai, Lithuania. I visited Lithuania in 2008 for the International Congress of Individual Psychology and stayed three days in Vilnius. The old town of Vilnius was very beautiful with a lot of churches, but I guess it is difficult to visit Vilnius this time because Drukskininkai is very far. Instead, on the way to ICASSI, I am planning a short visit to Riga, the capital of Latvia, to the most prosperous and beautiful city beside the Baltic Sea. Jolanta once showed me a beautiful book of the Jugendstil buildings in Riga, which was very attractive to me. Who would imagine that I could go to the Baltic countries twice in a life ! Those countries were occupied by the Soviet Union when I learned the nations in the elementary school. They became independent during these 22,3 years. Then, who can deny that Tibet will be released from the Chinese occupation in the near future? I really hope His Holiness the Dalai Lama will return to Tibet while I am living.

A Fortuneteller and Turkish Tea

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cyukasyokudo.jpgI had lunch with my friends yesterday. They are the newly wed couple who live very near my house. The wife is one of the members of my self-help group of Adlerian Psychology but we did not know where we lived. It is funny we met using subways and trains so far.
She took me to a Chinese restaurant her friend is running. We ate vegetarian lunch and the taro soup was extremely good. The husband was somewhat tensed because we met for the first time. After lunch, she invited me to her house. I hesitated, but after all I went with them. They live on the fifth floor and their place had an attic (which is my dream!). They showed me many pictures they took in Turkey.
In their house, the husband became very relaxed and talked much. He was a professional fortuneteller ! This was the first time I spoke friendly with a person of this occupation. We discussed the difference between the counselor and the fortuneteller. He said a fortuneteller should tell the client an answer and decide. And I said a counselor could only help the client to decide. Counselor should not decide the client's life. You see, talking with a professional fortuneteller was very exciting.
turkishteapot.jpgWhile we were debating, my friend served us Turkish tea. They had the two storied Turkish kettles and beautiful Turkish glasses.

turkishte.jpgWe all enjoyed the tea and the conver-sation very much, but I wondered if they had any schedule this evening. So I bid them good-bye at four o'clock. They were nice people, and I think I will invite them next time.

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