The True Sage


I read a beautiful phrase so I want to share ... just share. No explanation is needed:

 His no-anger is not absence of the energy of anger;
 his no-anger is because of awareness.
 This man can love, and love tremendously.
 This man can become a great compassion.
 The whole world can be filled by one man's compassion.
 The world is not big enough; 
 a single man's compassion, if it explodes, 
 can fill the whole universe.
 When a Buddha moves on the earth, 
 when a Jesus moves on the earth -- 
 that's how it has happened.
 A single man's energy -- 
 purified, absolutely purified, with no identification -- 
 becomes a soothing shower on the whole of existence.
     (from THE TRUE SAGE by Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh)



The population of Rajagriha, where Gautama Buddha inhabited, was three hundred thousand. A hundred thousand of them met the Buddha and were influenced by him, a hundred thousand knew him by name but did not have interest in him, and a hundred thousand even did not know him at all. Masters send strong radio waves, but we must prepare sensitive receivers to listen to them. The light is here; we must open our eyes.

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