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Eclipse Now

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eclipse.jpgWe could watch a total solar eclipse this morning. They say it has been 25 years since the latest total eclipse generated in Japan. But as I do not remember it, it is my first total eclipse.
The weather was not fine, but I could see the moon was gradually overshadowing the sun. Rather, it was more dramatic because the thin clouds was trimming around the sun.

eclipse2.jpgI had thought it would become as dark as night, but in fact it was just like a cloudy day. As the eclipse advanced, the wind blew and the air became cold. I guess people of the past must have had fears to such a phenomenon. At 7:30 am, the eclipse advanced to the maximum, but unfortunately, thick clouds came to hide the sun. I took some pictures and was satisfied to see this astronomical drama.

It is written on the Men-Tsee-Khan Rigpa Diary: "During a solar eclipse the effects of positive and negative actions are multiplied by 10,000. Therefore practice is emphasized." I thought about practicing my daily Buddhism service during the eclipse, but I had totally forgotten it! If I chanted Vajrasattva mantras one time, the merit would be multiplied as 10.000 chants.... But perhaps the demerit of this cunningness will be multiplied by 10,000. Then, I guess it was good to forget it.


Learning in Nagoya

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Today I went to Nagoya for learning Tibetan Buddhism. I am taking two classes, A Guide to Tibetan Buddhism and The Meditation Method of Vajrasattva Mantra. Both are provided by a Japanese lecturer who has the very wide knowledge in Tibetan Buddhism, so the lectures are very exciting. It takes much time and money to learn in Nagoya, because I live in Osaka, but I think a further things are provided.
As for the problem, the room is always cold. It was held on the ground floor of a Shingon-sect temple. I wonder why the room can be so cold! When I came last in February, it was a very cold and snowing day, and the room was colder than outside. It was just like in a freezer, not in a refrigerator. All of us including male did not take off jackets or coats. Nevertheless, we shook with cold for four hours. I will never forget that torture....
And this is May. It was a beautiful sunny day today. However, against my expectation, it was still cold in the temple. I guess it might be a magic room which keeps the minimum temperature all day long.

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