Learning in Nagoya

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Today I went to Nagoya for learning Tibetan Buddhism. I am taking two classes, A Guide to Tibetan Buddhism and The Meditation Method of Vajrasattva Mantra. Both are provided by a Japanese lecturer who has the very wide knowledge in Tibetan Buddhism, so the lectures are very exciting. It takes much time and money to learn in Nagoya, because I live in Osaka, but I think a further things are provided.
As for the problem, the room is always cold. It was held on the ground floor of a Shingon-sect temple. I wonder why the room can be so cold! When I came last in February, it was a very cold and snowing day, and the room was colder than outside. It was just like in a freezer, not in a refrigerator. All of us including male did not take off jackets or coats. Nevertheless, we shook with cold for four hours. I will never forget that torture....
And this is May. It was a beautiful sunny day today. However, against my expectation, it was still cold in the temple. I guess it might be a magic room which keeps the minimum temperature all day long.

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