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I Saw a Rainbow

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I went to Tottori from Saturday and returned this afternoon. Dr.Noda had an Open Counseling Seminar and a Lecture on Parenting near Kurayosh this weekend. I attended both and stayed at my daughter's house. My daughter and her husband attended the lecture on Sunday because they are in the midst of child rearing, and it was their debut to the Adlrian society in Tottori.
kosuke201112-2.jpgWhile they were listening to Dr.Noda's lecture, I played with 1 year old Koosuke, my grandson. He could walk, sometimes crawled, and liked to speak some words such as mamma (food), nya-nya (cat), mo-mo (cow). He spoke more but unfortunately I could not understand his vocabularies. His parents enjoyed Dr.Noda's lecture very much and became interested in Adlerian psychology. I hope they will learn more and build happier communication than before.

rainbow2.jpgThey drove home, and I had lunch with the members of Kurayoshi Encourage Group and got on a train from Kurayoshi. It was a local train and I soon fell asleep. When I awoke, the train was already near Tottori City, and there, I saw a huge rainbow in the sky. There were few buildings, so I could see the whole big arch ! It was astonishingly clear and beautiful, moreover, it was a double-rainbow. The east sky clouded over whereas the west sky was shining. The whole heavens were very dramatic ! It is rare to see such a beautiful rainbow. I was so grateful to something which showed me this spectacle.


My Boy

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This morning when I was going to the dentist, I saw a boy and a mother. The boy was perhaps 15 years old or so. When I noticed him, he was walking alone, hastily passing me by. Then I heard his mother's voice from behind: "No, wait ! Don't go ahead so ! I told you many times." The boy slowed down his steps, and they went up the stairs of the station together.
Then I suddenly noticed. My son never went ahead, never left me alone. I lived with him only for 15 years, but before I left home, I had never scolded him about it. When I visited the festival of his University the other day, he took me here and there, and introduced me to his friends. What a good boy, a kind fellow !
It was like a flash of recognition. At this moment, I understood that he likes me, always.

Preparation for Old Age

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loccitane.jpgMy mother's birthday was April 20, exactly six months after her first great-grandchild, Koosuke's birthday. So I went to my parents' house today with a birthday present for her. This year I chose a bottle of body lotion for babies by L'Occitane. I guess it works also on seniors.

My mother looked fine, but my father who is going to be 87 looked much old and weak. He never told me, but Mother said to me that he fell on the floor once when he woke up from his bed at night. Perhaps he was half asleep then and could not stand firm. I think this incident was the reason that he had become uncertain about his physical abilities and began to think of moving to a nursing home. He was afraid of being alone in case my mother got sick. Well they are still in the fairly good condition, but anything can happen to the people of such old ages.
So I told them, "Don't worry. In case one of you get sick and be hospitalized, I will move to this house and help you. I am alone so I can come easy. All I need is some space to share with my daughter and Koosuke when they come." Of course my parents were very very glad to hear it because they did not really like to go to the nursing home. I am happy as I could put their mind at rest.
I was thinking of this plan for long but I had never declare it to them. It was because I thought this was the matter I should leave to my brother and his wife. But now, I have decided to take the responsibility for this task. And this will be perhaps the best solution for all of us.

A Boy!


My first grandchild was born today! It was a boy of 3,400g. Wow!
Yesterday afternoon my daughter went to the hospital for the maternity check up, feeling a weak tension at her belly. The doctor and midwife recommended her to stay in the ward and she was hospitalized. So I left my work earlier, dropped in at my house to fetch her baggage, and went to the hospital. Her labor pains were not severe at that time. Her husband came at 10 o'clock in the night from Tottori. Still, her pains did not come frequently, so I went home to take a rest.
kosuke.jpgEarly in the morning I went to the hospital again. Gradually, her pain had become severe and frequent. At last from noon, she went into labor every two minutes. Her husband and I waited in the other room patiently.
It was near two o'clock when one of the nurses led us to the LDR (Labor, Delivery, and Recovery) room. There! We found exhausted but happy daughter and her baby. She started to weep when she saw us. We praised her sacred work. 3,400g baby for a primipara must have been a very hard job.
And the baby! He is beautiful! We never tired of watching him. He cries, yawns, waves his small hands abruptly, sneezes, and tries to drink mother's milk. Oh I have become his devotee, in half an hour, already.

Living with my Son

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I am living with my 21-years-old son now. His practice teaching has started at September 2 and it will end at 30. The junior high school where he does the practice teaching is in the local area nearly two hours from my house. I hear some students in practices use the weekly apartment houses near the school to save time, but my son chose to stay at my house ... perhaps because he wanted to bring my lunch. He leaves at 6:30 every morning and returns after 9 every evening. As a consequence, I get up at 5:30 to prepare his lunch, and eat supper with him after 9. Well, I have been living very freely after the divorce. You can imagine how tough it is for me to get up early and cook every lunch and supper! However, I know this is the rare opportunity to live with my son so long a period, so, of course, I am enjoying it. Every night after supper, he is busy writing reports about what he has learned that day, preparing for the next day, and printing the program of the class. Although we do not have much time to speak, I want to do my best to support him.

To Help a Move

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I am going to Tottori next morning. My daughter and her husband will move to a new house tomorrow afternoon. When she came to my house in February she mentioned the plan of move in June, and my son (her brother) offered to go and help her. He had some experiences at some moving shops when he was in the senior high. My daughter was pleased with this reliable proposal. I said that I could clean the old house and tidy the new house if they arranged the schedule. The X-day has been decided at June 12, and we, two curious helpers, will go together.
Of course my daughter's husband is a person in charge for the move. He must pack all their things because my daughter is pregnant, in the sixth month now. One thing very crucial for him is that there will be a World Cup Soccer game tomorrow night. He is an eager soccer fan. I hope that everything will go well and we will be able to finish the move by the time of the match!


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This evening my son played his music in a live music club in Osaka. It started from six o'clock, and luckily, I could see his performance as my job ended early. The name of the live music club was Socio America-mura located in Shinsaibashi. There were very many small gaudy shops for young people, and boys, girls, foreigners were hanging around on the street corners. As I am an unfamiliar obasan in this town, I felt uncomfortable. The club was difficult to find, but I could arrive on time somehow.
My son reserved an advance ticket for me and it cost 1,500 yen. And another 1,000 yen for two glasses of drink. Wow, how expensive! When he was in high school, the cost of his live performance was 500 or 1,000 yen.... Anyway, two drinks were too much, so I ordered one drink, ginger ale and one food, pizza. They served me a bottle of ginger ale and a sheet of defrosted pizza. They did not even serve the ale with a glass, so I asked one. I found out that I could not taste food if I could not see it; the room was too dark to see what kind of pizza it was.
yuyasocio.jpgNevertheless, as for the music, I was wholly satisfied to see my son's songs fascinate the audience. He played guitar rhythmically, sang songs energetically, and manipulated the Kaossilator (Dynamic Phrase Synthesizer) and other equipment skillfully. As a doting mother, I thought that my son's music was getting more powerful.
On the way to the Shinsaibashi station, I passed in front of the Apple Store by chance, and went in to take a look at new iPad machines. Fortunately, I could touch and play with iPad! I did not have any idea to buy it, but I enjoyed turning the pages and playing piano on iPad. Well, this evening I had a little adventure in the unfamiliar town alone!

She Went Home

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Today my daughter went back to Tottori by the Super-Express Hakuto (White Rabbit) in the afternoon. She recovered from a cold and went back to her beloved husband at last. As she should not take medicine, all she could do was to stay quietly in bed and try the traditional folklore medicine. To lower her mild fever, I made "hot ginger": I grated ginger, and poured hot water and honey to the juice of the ginger. It worked very well! I made her drink a small cup of hot ginger three times a day. And she cooled her forehead with an ice bag. When her throat ached, she put a hot steaming towel on her nose and mouth. Now that she coughs much, she may try "radish in syrup" to reduce the phlegm. I think these are the great wisdom handed down through old people. The picture below shows the talismans of Nakayama temple, examples of super-folklore beliefs mixed up with Buddhism (and with moneymaking?).

talisman2.jpgShe came on May 19, stayed at her father's house for two nights, and stayed at my house for 9 nights in total. For lovers to live together is a pure joy, however, it is sometimes very difficult for the other adults to live together in a limited space. When she stayed with me, she used to follow me and speak to me constantly, but in this stay, she regulated her chattering consciously. We tried to keep our privacy because we had learned that mutual respect was crucial. Fortunately, I went out for work every day, so it assured our private time and space. We had usually shared the same bed together, but this time I used another futon lest I would catch cold from her. I think they were good devices to save our private space and time. It could be a good rehearsal for her longer stay in autumn.
She said that I might miss her from this evening. I said no, but she insisted I might. Yes, I admit I miss her. This evening, my small house seems vacant really.

She's Still in My House

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nakayama2.jpgOn Monday, it was raining hard, and moreover, my daughter had the morning sickness again. So she prolonged her stay in my house and I went to Nakayama Temple to get the cotton belt for her easy delivery alone. The temple was wide and beautiful in the rain. I had not known that Nakayama Temple was of the esoteric Buddhism, the Shingon sect. I saw three big golden vajras in front of the idol (the eleven faced bodhisattva, the goddess of mercy). I felt at ease because I gave her a small golden vajra before. I hope Kobo Daishi protects her and her fetus hereafter. In return to my donation, they gave me the bleached cotton cloth on which they wrote the name of the bodhisattva, together with a charm in a red silk pouch, a small candle and a talisman. They said we should light the candle and float the talisman on the water when she is in labor. They will pray for her delivery for ten days and will send a talisman to her house. I felt these traditions are very holy and would help her a lot.

nakayama3.jpgWhen I returned home, my daughter was still in the bed. She seemed to have caught a cold and had a throat pain. In the evening I taught her how to wear the long cotton belt around her belly. She was surprised to know how warm and safe it was! I bought her the maternity corsets, but she prefers the cotton belt and has been wearing it since then.
It is Wednesday today and she is still in my house. Her throat pain, the snuffles, and a mild fever have been continuing. It is not a serious cold, not influenza, of course, so she will recover when she rests quietly in bed. However, the fever might go up if she takes train all the way to Tottori. So I am playing a role of a good mom still!

As a Good Mom

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Last week my daughter stayed at my house from Tuesday to Friday. As I wrote it before, she has changed and ate much! On Wednesday she wanted to eat "the real" meal after she came home late, and ate a bowl of boiled rice, some vegetable dishes and pickles at midnight! Moreover, in the next morning she said she felt hungry as soon as she woke up. It was lucky that Thursday was my off because my bosses were all going to the Congress of the Japanese Society of Psychiatry and Neurology. And I prepared a good meal for lunch; boiled unpolished rice, dried fish, miso soup and some vegetables. I thought it was the last meal I should prepare, for she planned to go to her father's house in the evening. However, she said she felt tired and had a headache, and did not want to go out and wanted to stay with me one more night. So I prepared supper again, feed her breakfast next morning, and treated her to lunch also. Am I much too concerned about her? Well, I want to do it as possible while I can.
She has stayed at her father's house for two days and is going to come to my house again. She and her brother will come and stay tonight, and we plan to go to Nakayama temple tomorrow to buy a lucky belt for easy delivery. But it is raining hard now ... I wonder if it will stop by tomorrow afternoon. She will have to go back to Tottori next evening. I hope it becomes fine when we go to the temple!

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