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Dr.Noda advises us to watch good drama works if we want to become good psychologists. I understand that the ability of a director keeping tension on the stage is the required ability of a psychologist during his/her counseling session. Though it is difficult to encounter "good" drama works, fortunately, I could watch some.

shiraishikayoko.jpgIn September, I went to watch a solo performance by Kayoko Shiraishi. She has been playing alone "One Hundred Supernatural Stories" since 1992. What I watched were the 93rd and 94th ghost stories of the Miyuki Miyabe original. The stories were good, and the actress's performance was excellent ! She acted as an old man who could not walk without a stick, then became a small child replying to him, and instantly altered to a man of prime of life, by changing her voice and her physical expression. It was like some magic to see her whole body transformed to another personality.

kishidakunio.jpgLast week, I went to watch a Bungaku-Za Group performance of short dramas by Kunio Kishida. Again, I was astonished to see the movements of the actors which wonderfully expressed the feelings and sensations of the characters. How elegantly the rich wife behaves in kimono. How vividly the complexion of an innocent-looking maid shows her ambition ! How foolish the upper-middle class people's vanity is ! I enjoyed all three plays heartily. Thanks to the counseling training, it seems my life has become richer.

Going to Gifu

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Yesterday I went to Gifu City to attend the Hokuriku-Tokai Area Meeting of Japanese Society of Adlerian Psychology. Though I am not the member of Hokuriku-Tokai district, I was interested in the program of the meeting. One of my best friends, who is in fact one of the leading teachers of Adlerian Psychology in Japan, was to give a lecture in the first part of the meeting. Her lecture is always persuasive and impressive, so I want to hear her whenever I can.
Gifu is located in the middle of Tokyo and Osaka and it takes about three hours from Osaka. I took the Kintetsu train at 7:33, and at 10:30 I arrived at the place on time. It was crowded with 50 eager Adlerians.
After the lecture, we were divided into six small groups and did some workshop carefully designed by the leaders of Hokuriku-Tokai districts. We did some good training of listening to the client's story, extracting the episode from the story, sorting out the facts and opinions, and finding the personal strength in the episode. In our group, the episode was provided from a young school teacher of 24 years old, and she seemed to be encouraged through the workshop. I felt happy when her face became shiny. And I was happy to meet young mothers who were in the midst of child rearing.
You see, my daughter is 26 years old parenting a 1 year old baby, and my son is 22 years old and is going to be a teacher. All too soon people surrounding me have become my children's age ! I feel somewhat responsible; it might be time for me to inherit Adlerian Psychology to the next generation.

The Deadline

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After I presented my research "The Counseling Process in Parent-Study Groups
Based on Individual Psychology" in the International Congress of Vilnius 2007, Dr. Noda advised me to send copies to any of my foreign acquaintances. So I sent it to my ICASSI teachers and friends. Anthea Millar, who is the editor of YEAR BOOK of the United Kingdom, read my article two years ago, and remembered it very well. When we talked about the 2010 YEAR BOOK in ICASSI Romania, Anthea encouraged me to submit my article for the 2011 YEAR BOOK. I hesitated but she suggested it twice. Dr. Noda also said "Try it as she encouraged you so much" but I had still been hesitating.
Last week, I suddenly recalled the conversation with her and opened the 2010 YEAR BOOK. I found that the deadline of the submission for the next issue will be September 15. It was September 10 and I thought I could make it. I had submitted it for the ADLERIAN of Japan last year and I kept all the necessary data and files.
So I hastily wrote my short biography for the compilation and asked Dr. Noda if I could send it. And today, it was September 13 already, I wrote e-mail to Anthea and sent the files to the editors. Anthea immediately replied that she was "delighted that you will submit your research article for the Year Book which I found excellent when I read it after Vilnius." As it contains many tables and figures, I wonder if it will be accepted ... but I try! This is my new challenge and I hope it will do.


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moomin2.jpg.jpegDuring my return flight to Osaka, I watched a beautiful puppet animation film of Moomin. The title was "Moomin and Midsummer Madness." I enjoyed it after the long workshop in Romania, but the film was too slow to keep me awake. I fell asleep and could not follow the story.... I saw Moomin Valley was attacked by a flood caused by a volcanic eruption on a very very hot summer night. It was fun to see them enjoying coffee and bread on the roof of their three-storied house, carrying out their soaked furniture. Then a huge theater stage came floating by, so they abandoned the house, moved and stayed in the theater. Moominpappa decided to write a script of a play for the theater. And Moomintroll and Snork Maiden slept on the top of a tall tree, which made them separate from other family members. etc, etc.
I have read Moomin stories and watched TV animations, but honestly, I could not yet get the clear image of the characters in Moomin Valley. For me their personalities are vague perhaps because they seldom show their emotions neither by the expressions of their faces nor by the tones of their voice. How are their Life Styles, or their personal values? Let me try!

moomin.jpgMoomintroll: His first priority might be "friendship." He always likes contributing to his friends and tries to be loyal to them. Thus, he is not a so-called good boy because he sometimes chooses his friends and neglects his task.
Snork Maiden: She is a girl with anxiety. She tends to worry about "future " ie, the future of their safety, their comfort, and her hair style. In contrast, Fillyjonk in this story represents "past." Miss Fillyjonk is waiting for guests who never visited her for long years.
Moominpappa: He loves "poetry" and is a poet. I wonder how Moomins make living because I have never seen him working. He likes writing something, reading newspapers, or pondering on something philosophical. Perhaps his ideal life is to be a dreamer, or at least, a bohemian.
Moominmamma: On the contrary, Moominmamma represents "real life." She works. Her homemade jam is always the favorite among the residents in Moomin Valley. She can serve meals in the crisis. It is metaphorical that Moominmamma always wears apron whereas Moominpappa always wears silk hat.

Do you agree with my guessing? I should read the stories again to prove my hypothesis, but please forgive me that I am reluctant to do so. I did it just for fun.
Anyway, this summer is exceptionally hot. I hope there will not be a volcanic eruption as in Moomin Valley!

A Book I Got in Japan

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Vlad Grigorescu was a very good teacher of "Adlerian Psychotherapy" and he taught me theories and skills during the second week of ICASSI. He is a Romanian living in Bucharest, graduated from the psychology program in Bucharest and studied Adlerian Psychology at Toronto Adler's School for two years. He opened his private office in Bucharest and started psychotherapy based on the theory of Alfred Adler. Therefore, he is the key person who implanted Adlerian Psychology from Toronto to Romania, just like Dr. Noda from Chicago to Japan. Toronto Adler's School had inherited the style or doctrine of Alfred Adler Institute of Chicago so I could learn what Dr. Noda had learned 30 years ago in Chicago. Reviewing the basic theories of Adlerian Psychology in English was a very exciting experience for me.
To my surprise, there were only two students in his course. One was me and the other was a Romanian guy who had already been Vlad's student for some years. We were such a small group that we could share our experiences and thoughts very freely.

metaphor.jpgVlad was a very kind man, and after he taught us the basic things, he mentioned many methods and skills he knew. Besides the Chicago Inventory, he talked about Dream Therapy of Leo Gold, the Most Memorable Observation Method by Frank Walton, Connection Focusing Technique by Dan Dolton, and the Metaphor Therapy by Richard Kopp. For me, Kopp's method that uses client's metaphor seemed fascinating. Vlad recommended me Kopp's book and fortunately Dr. Noda had the book. How lucky I am to have such great teachers! I have already read the first chapter of the book and it is as interesting as I expected. Someday I shall find an occasion where I can use this technique!

Books I got in Romania

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icassibooks2,jpg.JPGI like buying books in foreign countries I visit. When I went to Europe two years ago, I bought picture books of a story of the ghetto in Prague and of tales in Lithuania written in English. I could not find books of tales in Romania this time, but instead, I bought beautiful handbooks for sightseeing and some picture postcards. I prefer THE CASTLES OF TRANSYLVANIA, which presents the castles of Bran, Sinaia, Hunedoara, Sighishoara, and Taragoviste with a lot of descriptions and pictures. I went to Sinaia and Sighishoara during this trip, so I am very happy to see pictures of the castles I visited.

icassibooks.jpgTo the right are the books and CDs relating to Adlerian Psychology I got in this trip. YEAR BOOK is published by the Adlerian Society of the United Kingdom and the Institute for Individual Psychology. It is like ADLERIAN by Japanese Society of Adlerian Psychology, or THE JOURNAL OF INDIVIDUAL PSYCHOLOGY by the North American Society of Adlerian Psychology, but it is published only once a year. Anthea is one of the editors, and Eva, Zivit, and Manu Bazzano frequently write articles on this annual journal. I am going to read it hereafter.
The red book called THE "CREATIVE FORCE" was presented by the author, Betty Lou Bettner, to Dr. Noda. I borrowed and read this small book in the return flight, and thought it was fairly persuasive for parents who were not familiar to Adlerian Psychology. I think I can translate this book if Betty Lou permits ....
These CDs are the recording lectures at ICASSI. I bought Yvonne's "The Ping Pong Effect," Hala's "The Power of Art in Adlerian Therapy," and Frank Walton's "Counseling of Adolescents" lectures. They are very good audio recording, so if you want to hear some of them, please contact me. I will gladly lend them.

I'm Home!

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I came back this morning 8:40 to Kansai Airport from Romania. The return flight was about two hours shorter than the flight to Europe because of the westerlies. How hot and humid Osaka was! I almost fainted by heat when I walked outside from the airport terminal buildings.
I bet you, Romania was a nice country, not rich but simple and homely. Carts and wagons pulled by horses. Cows, sheep, and goats on the meadows. The picturesque landscape of the Carpathian Mountains. And people are warm and shy, honest and soft. I love them!

I was trying to write about ICASSI every night at first so that you would see what was ongoing in ICASSI. Unfortunately, it turned out that the Internet line could not connect to my blog site, so I gave it up. Anyway, I have uploaded the articles I wrote on July 19 and July 20, the first Monday and Tuesday, before this article. I am going to write what I have experienced in this ICASSI, perhaps in this English blog and/or in the Japanese blog. I am a little bit too tired today, so good night now!

Yvonne's Class Today

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Pauline, an intelligent lady from the Netherlands, sitting beside me yesterday, was very eager to learn and asked many questions to Yvonne. One of her questions was very helpful to me and I told her so in a small voice. For this reason or other, she suggested to be a pair with me and I agreed.
So today, Pauline took the counselor's role and I did the client's role. Oh she was an excellent counselor! She helped me to verbalize my current problem, from vague, general way of expression into correct, vivid scenes. She tried to understand my problem eagerly and sincerely, drawing pictures on her notebook, asking, guessing, and confirming. When she showed me the scene when I was in trouble by a gesture, I laughed and shouted "Did you see me?" She said, "No, I just put my feet into your shoes (ie; imagine what I shall do when I am in your situation.)" Seeing my problem described by her, together with by her active guessing, I noticed what annoyed me most. That was, I felt uneasy when I could not proceed.
As soon as I got the picutre of it, she asked my earliest memories. I told her two memories and I was happy that she understood them well. I think she has a talent because she was very sensitive to my body languages. For example, when I was thinking of a new idea which was provoked by what I had said, she immediately asked me "What are you thinking now?" So, though our lesson ended at this point, by just speaking my Early Recollections aloud, I found out something very important to me. That was about the "distance" that I took. Perhaps I believe in as such: If I have the proper distance, I can see the whole.
In the sharing time, Pauline said she felt gratitude (!) to me because I was very open to her. Then we were a good counselor and a good client! Oh, I am really looking forward to the next stage of my Lifestyle analysis.

ICASSI Has Started!

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john.jpgLast evening I met many of my ICASSI friends and teachers. Marion kissed me and Anthea hugged me. I gave a small present to Hala to show my gratitude. Eva, Bill, and John, and he was getting bigger. Erika and Ursula who played a skit together at the International Night in 2007. Many friends I knew or they knew me. It was an exciting and fascinating night!

Now about the classes. This morning I went to Erika Echle's "Group Process for Cooperation." Erika is a Swiss woman and not very fluent in English, so her friend Ursula helped her. In fact two leaders' cooperation was working very well. We did many games by which we could have sense of belonging, felt confident and safe in this group. The class consisted with 16 people: 2 Japanese including me, 6 or 7 Bulgarians, 2 or 3 Americans, 1 German and 1 from Hong Kong.... Bulgarians told me that my name, "ayako" meant "a super," because "yako" was "super" in their language. So funny!

Then after lunch, I went to this ICASSI's feature class for me, "Lifestyle Analysis: A Practical Approach" by Yvonne Schurer. Wow! It was great as I had expected. Let me quote some of her words during the class.
In the lecture, Yvonne said: "Adlerian Psychology was not a fact but only a hypothesis. But if you once decided to go with Adlerian Psychology, you SHOULD NOT mix it with other hypothesis of psychology." I was impressed by her zeal and sincere attitude. I felt she was like a cheerful, energetic nun dedicated her life to the road she had chosen; that is, to help people by Lifestyle analysis.
yvonnefamily.jpgShe showed us one counseling demonstration and before she started she said: "When I sit with a client side by side like this, she is MY CLIENT. So during the counseling, no question is permitted. I do not like you interfering us." She is sincere and responsible to both her clients and students.
And I was fascinated by her way of explaining Adlerian theories. For example, she said that Early Recollection was "an artwork preserved in a nut shell." Don't you think it a poetic image? It taught me how precious an Early Recollection always is for any client. And of course, this we should not forget.

After these classes, there were the Newcomers meeting and the Re-comers (repeaters) meeting befor dinner, and I happened to attend the Re-comers meeting. Not many people came, but ICASSI faculty members and old members were gathering and discussed earnestly for ICASSI future. I was impressed that in any meeting, Adlerians were highly cooperative, responsible, and respective to each other. I had a chance to talk about my experience of ICASSI 2007, and Dr. Noda talked about the on-goings in Japanese Adlerian community. Perhaps, I guess, ICASSI Japan will be actualized in some years.

Preparation for ICASSI

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It is already July. ICASSI will start from July 18 and I am going to leave at 16, Friday. So I should arrange many things for the coming 17-days trip.
The number one priority was about my job. I had asked the boss of the clinic in Nishinomiya for the permission, and he kindly gave me enough holidays. About my counseling job at the clinic in Kitahama, I had consulted to the reception girls of the clinic and could change the date of my appointments. Some clients want to come every one or two weeks, and I asked them if we could have a break. As for the desk work for Noda's Office, Dr. Noda will go to ICASSI, so it will be a long summer vacation. So all has been set now, though I will go through a tight schedule during several weeks.
icassilogo1.jpgAbout the classes in ICASSI: I am going to be in Yvonne's class in both weeks because I want to learn as much from her. I have received some handout and I believe it will be a great experience to learn Life-Style analysis from her! Yvonne's class will be held in the afternoon and I had reserved other two classes in the morning, but I may change the morning classes after I arrive there.
About English: Well, when I went to my first ICASSI three years ago, I was really tensed up ... but this time, I am not. I guess I have done enough by writing English almost every day. Not all participants of ICASSI are English speaking natives. Besides, now I know that ICASSI is the very place we can practice and learn Gemeinschaftsgefuehl!
So the preparations now left are a lot of trivial things, but you know, these are the most troublesome things: Changing money into Euros, setting my mobile phone to be available abroad, checking the transportation and hotels, copying passport numbers, buying some battery, film, shampoo, and cosmetics, etc, etc. I borrowed a suitcase from a rental service company as always, because it is cheaper than I buy. I prefer this as I do not have to keep it in my closet. Oh, I should go to the hairdresser before I left. Busy, busy, but very enjoyable!

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